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  1. @Bherkydon't be trying to hide this shit. Keep it out there you weirdo.
  2. extras should have wen to the trash tbh
  3. A lot of the pot calling the kettle black. We see connectuon issues from people in various regions. One just isn't the issue. If we were to region lock, how would it be fair to block one region and not another? In any video game. You're going to deal with the same. I too find it frustrating, but in quite the quagmire. People from the troubled regions are supporting the sever financially, often times more than others. It's not the reason they're allowed to play, and I have banned people who have a proven track record of connection issues. But I've seen people from the UK, Australia, South Korea, UAE all display similar connection issues. We are not in an age that we can rely solely on north American players to sustain a population on the server. I believe that if this was going to be a practice, it should have been implemented long ago. On top of that. The ability to implement a ping kick has proven to be extremely unreliable and lasted for 10 seconds during my last attempt at its implementation. I will continue to monitor and look for potential solutions. I must advise you, it would be a swift and decisive action that ultimately will have some collateral damage. Like i said above, this is unexpected to occur. But individual action can be taken.
  4. The people who made purchases via crypto have now had their donation rank adjusted. We also were able to distribute keys to everyone like mentioned above. Roughly $12,320 dollars worth of keys were given out. I hope some cool rewards were obtained! If you have any questions please feel free to reach out.
  5. i already do this when im on the server.
  6. True. Sorry. But bever fever is over with
  7. Due to the terms we are bound by for in game monetization. I need to ensure our rewards are diversified. Our rewards have always been permanent and I intend to keep them that way. The higher tiers were not introduced with the sole intention of them being purchased outright. Rather give reward to those who have supported us over many years. Their donations added up over time and it's imperative that we recognize those contributions.
  8. @Bag Of Funyuns sorry about your pov.. maybe you'll be around on Christmas.
  9. Any gold package purchased between now and October 5th VIA CRYPTO CHECK OUT on MyAsylum will have that purchase added to your donation level as well. I want to ensure this system is snag free and functions as expected and want to reward those who purchase via this function for the next few days. It will be applied manually after October 5th. As we roll into fall. I want to thank everyone for their continued support over the summer and being a part of a great community. I hope to all those who are rolling into school, the year provides well for you. As a thank you, everyone who plays on the server between 09/29/2021 and 10/05/2021 will receive two free "Crypto" loot crate keys. This will be applied sometime on the ~6th. Hopefully there isn't too much virtual learning for everyone. Mitch
  10. You guys are special. It's literally in the myasylum patch notes area posted by our WEB DEVELOPER. Use your eyes please
  11. All, After the conclusion of todays domination session, the server will be taken offline while we work on getting some much needed attention to the game mode. I'm positive that the revisions that are coming down the line will create an enjoyable experience once again. Stay tuned for future details within October. Mitch
  12. People will never advocate to nerf their gameplay. Shit i know in any other game I wouldn't. The other options on the table are not the greatest. I was really hoping that this would work to solve issues and still allow people to maintain their current housing habits with a little work on their behalf. The other options remove that ability sadly.
  13. You have not been here long enough if you think that's an L upon login
  14. Electric bills will be removed and future changes will be announced
  15. but i was going to sell that house because I no longer wanted it. I think the issues it presents far outweigh the benefit and a simple command on the server to pay it makes the most sense.
  16. can see that being a issue though. Easy to exploit. and I hate adding stuff that needs further policing.
  17. That could be cool. But as staff we would be asked "Why am I missing X money" more often than we would want.
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