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  1. All, wanted to first by thanking everyone for their feedback since our recent patch was dropped. I appreciate it regardless if it was positive or negative. Obviously some feel that we missed the mark with our electric bill concept, so I'd like to take a dive into what a solution looks like that satisfies all parties. There continues to be a ton of money on the server, and this isn't any new news. We have worked tirelessly to ensure the ease of access to the server content for new and returning players. This means we dropped a lot of prices and increased the prices of which items sold for. Obviously this was a win for anyone on the server and you have all enjoyed it and became comfortable with the relatively easy living. I fully understand that we are not in the prime of the ARMA years so the player base has since changed a bit. Along with the player base change the style of play has changed. I have seen many say they have no desire to do runs to make money and they can't be bothered to spend money on anything but the things they choose to. That in itself is a problem that I don't believe we can address from a server standpoint. SO my focus will not be there. Play the server how you want, just have fun doing it. So what does a solution look like from my perspective? Base Starting (Per 10 days) Shed 75k 100k+ house 45k 70k house 35k 1 crate house 10k Garage 10k Additions Miner 10k Greenhouse 15k Aging Barrel 20k Gang Base 10k Lead Container 15k I think this is extremely fair and still addresses some of my issues. I will look to other ways to address the rest that isn't forced upon everyone, only if they elect. I have made a poll to get your vote on the idea. I have also enabled Mod-Q for this post to weed out the trolls. Regardless of you opinion the post will be approved. Just the spam post will be hidden.
  2. I think a lot of people that are worrying about the new players on the server are the same ones who's goal it is to fuck them over when their on the server. Moving on I understand the change was a shock to everyone. But it was clear from my end that the server does have a ton of money on it. I see above people complaining about having to do 1 run of something to cover the cost of holding a house? What are you supposed to do on a life server then? Surly there is more than just standing around in a town. But fret not, it's being adjusted and reworked to account for the feedback we have received. I hope that the next change to it is better received. However if you don't want to pay to keep a house on your account. There are up to 900 other people a day who play the server that may be up for the responsibility to maintain the ownership..I encourage you to review your housing needs and make adjustments where needed. Stay tuned for a hot fix that addresses some of the concerns you guys have brought up.
  3. I didn't do shit. We gave the mods 24 hours to get pictures of all donor and crate items and boon got a new website with them up. Hopefully it helps others!
  4. Prime house auctions being hosted by leady.
  5. You all seem to think the end all is selling it for money.. I guess you'll never know what it will be used for as it's development continues... Yes
  6. The thing is. That lazy aspect is the problem with arma content. Everyone wants something without having to do anything extra. Either too far, not fun, no rebel sided, cop sided, not worth, etc etc etc. It's just content. We can't continue to make everything 100% convenient. Sometimes there are things you need to do. Simple.
  7. AFKing on the server for any amount of extended time in which a staff member determines to be egregious will result in administrative action being taken on you. Your first violation will be met with a warning and a sliding scale of time off the server will be in effect. Just don't do it.
  8. first clip is on another server "I just don't fuck with it"
  9. @william @FudgeR i saw that hidden one cant win on cap so you gotta take the war to the reports section?
  10. I don't think me old inbox will handle that kind of fire being thrown at it. I truly don't believe it.
  11. There will be a thread in the coming hours that will showcase the new skins, and go into detail how to gain access to the discord skins. Boonie needs to wake up to assist with that. He also needs to push the new update to the webstore to purchase crates etc. Stay tuned.
  12. If you want consumer level customer support we will gladly accept your provider level payments. Until then, shut the fuck up. Make your report and play the game. Let us worry about the rest. Actually looking at your account, you have yet to even try this shit support system. So perhaps we should rephrase your original post to something more accurate. " I wasn't able to get my instant gratification for something I needed or wanted. Throughout my short life, everything around me has been designed to provide me with dopamine to encourage my continued use of whatever product. Therefore when using your services you have failed to create that reward that I'm dependent on. Therefore I'll lash out as an alternative route to that ever so desperate fix that I need." On top of that, we don't offer any official support via our Discord. Little known fact. We work to ensure that your access to anything asylum related is as difficult as possible. The phone verification? Ha. We don't know why I would enable that. There are only honest people on the internet that only have the best intentions. Therefore we don't need any enhanced security steps around us. We just did it for shits and giggles. Respectfully, Mitch
  13. Same reason you gotta tell the gas station clerk your DOB when buying tobacco. Gotta be a certain age. Is there an alternative way we could verify age before letting someone continue with the application process?
  14. 你的网络一直变成是服务器的问题,如果你继续把你自己的网络问题说成服务器问题,我们将会封禁一些有网络连接问题的区域。 这完全不是我想做的事情,但是其他玩家在游戏内看你的车还有人一会儿卡到这边,一会儿卡到另外的地方会很烦恼。如果真的是服务器的问题会有更多的除了中国玩家之外的人谈论。
  15. Your connections are continuing to be an issue on the server. And if you continue to impose that issue on us, we will prevent people from regions that have trouble connecting to us from playing. It's not something I want to do by any means. But it's frustrating for everyone when we watch as your vehicles and characters rubber band across the map. If it was a server issue, we would see it more than just the players from China.
  16. MyAsylum you can now link your Discord account directly to your in-game account. This will help Faction Leaders give needed roles for their channels. You will also receive important notifications such as Administrators sending compensation to your in-game mailbox or redeeming rewards. Once connected you will receive $150,000, 250 gold (1 key worth), and exclusive skins. A sneak peek of the upcoming skins is available in the discord. Connect here: https://my.gaming-asylum.com/account/connections A huge shout out to @Boonie Hat for making this great system!
  18. He represents my thoughts on those auction ideas. But I like the idea generally. Let me run with it a bit and see what happens My biggest gripe with the suppressor other than Tom's chis Kyle thing is that they are mass duped. And I have no desire adding another item that people can't resist and see another large bam wave. But that's only part of the problem with it. Like I said. Solid idea. Just need to brain storm on what those items would be.
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