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  1. Sorry to hear about the state of the servers, but I'm glad you have good memories of Officer Olivia. : ) Part of me misses Asylum, but nostalgia has a way of rose tinting those memories. On top of that, I hear the servers have been worse off so I'm tempted to not come back and just keep my amazing memories (and ~2TB of videos lmao) as they are.
  2. This works for me on Firefox and Chrome. I open the gyazo in a separate window, click the gyazo itself (not the URL or window) and drag into the text box. Actually just tried it on my Ubuntu machine and it didnt work lol, but I think that's because I'm using i3-wm. Oh well
  3. @Brandon sorry to see you go, but it was nice having you on 3. Good luck in the future!
  4. So did I. That also coincided with the brief period where it was an online 20 question exam to get Constable (instead of a ridealong) resulted in me knowing jack-shit when I got Constable. Seriously it was bad. I didn't know how to seize things from vehicles. I couldn't have told you the difference between an MK and a PDW. Couldn't have told you where Ephedra field was. I wouldn't wish that on any officer.
  5. Sometimes I wish we could prohibit Cadets from going to Kavala. I think it would massively improve their knowledge and abilities as a cop. They'd actually have time to ask questions/learn and they'd have a better experience all around. But unfortunately this is a game and we can't force people to play a certain way (not to that extent.) The only things you'll learn in Kavala on 3 are life lessons about how people act on the internet.
  6. I was just about to say, where in the GB does it say you can revoke their driver's license for 3 hit and runs? ; ) I don't remember exactly when that was removed but it was a while ago. Typically I would say always go by what's in the GB, but I know the GB was trimmed so that officer's can have more freedom. Therefore, seize their driver's license when you think it's right. 2nd count of reckless driving? Sure, seize it, seems like what a real officer would do. Suspect is RP'ing as driving drunk? Sure, seize it. And so on. Common sense. As for your idea, I like it. Seems like a cool way to add in RP and a fun sort of "mini-game." However, I imagine the coding could get difficult and could have lots of room for bugs for a feature that I'm not sure would be used that often. I seize driver's licenses very infrequently (maybe that's just me?) but I do like your creativity and how much thought you put into it.
  7. Ahh man I really wish I had the time for a gang, I've always wished that. Work's been crazy recently and honestly I've been spending most of my free time playing Breath of the Wild lol. Best of luck to you guys though!!
  8. Lmao, not sure I want (or need) context
  9. It's 4 stackables, but 5 if you count the "bonus" stackable charge: Attempted Manslaughter (if they escape custody and go on another crime spree) On topic, the 10 codes have been suggested multiple times. It's a cool idea but unless everybody has them completely memorized, you'll add more confusion. "Hey I got a 10-98 here." "What's a 10-98?" "10-98 is murderous clown off his meds." "Oh okay, be right over." If you just say what you mean you'll cut that convo in half and save everyone time. I've heard some police departments IRL are even thinking of getting rid of the 10 codes because of the unnecessary complications they add.
  10. Not sure if you were aware @Rock Hardick (since this was a change that happened after you left) but we do punish in internal affairs for lack of RP, inappropriate breaking of character etc.
  11. Possibly controversial opinion incoming. I think that removing rules from the GB in order to make cop more lax and easy to play has been a very destructive decision for our force. It all originated because Paratus decided to play as cop once and was overwhelmed by the number of rules and felt he couldn't keep track of them all. Well of course that would happen, he's not involved in the APD at all. We shouldn't calibrate the APD for a quasi-absent dev who plays cop twice a year. If the APD rules were more strict, then the bad cops will get weeded out more easily. Players that tend to spend 98% of their time on rebel will have a harder time switching over to cop without more rigorously keeping up to date with the rules. The cops that are immature, vindictive, ignorant, or who abuse civilian rights, hold grudges, don't know the rules, and act unprofessional will get removed. Sure, setting the bar high might scare off or remove some officers, but I know that there are cops here that care, that deserve respect and that would work hard regardless. We might filter out a lot of officers, but I know that what we would be left with... is a really damn good batch of officers.
  12. Lmao sorry about that haha... Hard R or not, you're fine.
  13. Ahh whoops, at 0:21 you call me "dumb" not "stupid." My bad!
  14. Wow. They literally called me a "stupid n-word" in this video and even I thought it was funny. It's a joke man, don't take it too seriously!
  15. Guys lost your way on the trip back to Kavala? Btw it was pretty funny, we were all dead but just kept going with the briefing without hesitation lmao.
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