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  1. Posted Monday at 01:04 AM · Report post In-Game Name Muffinsniper Age 20 Arma Hours(Screenshot) https://gyazo.com/432e8a3265f3549cdfcecf4d0d963127 Banked Money 1mil Have you ever been Banned? no Current/Past Gangs FSA, Black bastards Do you have a Mic/Teamspeak? Of course. What's your interest in joining Drunk Squad? Because im a beast and need to Get drunk
  2. Muffinsniper 18, 19 in feb screenshot: https://gyazo.com/aca98f11923b11711f616f1b3f6bc185 everyone in the gang can vouch for me why do you want to join New Era: because I like to don't something but cop sometimes last gang: Burrito Kings I don't have gang cartel experience i also like rpgs aiming at Kenneth
  3. Age; 18 Location/Timezone: Texas/ central Arma 3 hours: Asylum hours:100-200 previous gangs: Tree, Spartan sufficient cartel experience: i have had some but been a while since i played Altis Life. Why do you want to join us: I want to join y'all to rule the server. Y'all seem like one of or the most powerful group on the server. What can you bring to the FSA: I'm a killer shot. I also can run aeons, or anything yall want me to do i will do it no questions asked Do you know any current members that can vouch for you? No I hope to get to know some though.
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