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  1. The title is wrong, I'm sorry, because I can't represent the whole 911 gang. I just want to say my own idea, because I think the Asylum server can't make my fun game experience.
  2. 标题错误,对不起,因为我代表不了整个911帮派,我只是想说出我自己的想法,因为我觉得Asylum服务器已经不能让我愉快的游戏体验了。
  3. As an ordinary Chinese player, I want to say that Asylum is a server that links the world together, a server full of content and fun, a server with a virtual reality full of similar servers. Playing the Asylum server for 3 years, has been fascinated by such a game, and our Chinese players are all Asylum VIP, but It is the Chinese people who have been treated unfairly in the server, making it sad for our Chinese players. For example, I was banned by the badabing for more than a year, until I was relieved of the ban. I immediately returned to Asylum, but I was very disappointed that the former Asylum server was very stable and had 5 servers. Now, there are only 3 servers, and one server only opens 12 hours a day. All servers are shit. Many of my friends are tired of such garbage servers. They hate the error prohibition of administrators, and can not accept other players' racial discrimination. Goodbye Asylum.
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