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  1. Nerf the ability to hide in a house and be untouchable for as long as you want unless a kind donor decides to suicide vest the house
  2. When a player gets banned the only message they receive is when they try to join the server and get told what the reason is and the banning admin. The issue comes when a player tries to appeal because you can't really appeal a ban when you don't know exactly why you are banned. Not knowing who reported it, when it was, and all of that makes it almost impossible to actually appeal your ban. Instead of appealing at first you have to send in a ticket simply to find out what exact event got you banned which takes usually a day or two itself, then once the reason is given if given you have to reply and waiting another day or two to find the outcome. The point I am bringing up is have a system that links / notifies the banned player with the video/screenshot or whatever of them breaking the rule and allow for them to actually appeal their ban rather than wait 2 days simply to find out the reason.
  3. Your right, S3 was the shit
  4. Agreed, though out of all realism them being involved with rebel and things like that? Though that is a good point.
  5. Remove taxes from illegal items. Since the items are illegal weapons and y inventory things, the Government/Governor would have no control over there price when it came to taxes since its more of a black market thing.
  6. OP? Are you forgetting who has 7.62
  7. If the lack of the police faction was a problem have you ever thought of lowering the requirements to apply? If it was 16 minimum instead of 17 I am almost sure you would see a increase in the police faction. And the player population was always actually reasonable for that map. There was times it hit 100 players and times were there was only 30-50 but still there were times when it dropped and rises. But you guys didn't give it a chance during the summer.
  8. .... Rebels already have 7.62 and and many different weapons to choose from.
  9. Most people who disagree with this are rebels who are always racking bounties and then get caught off guard by a bounty hunter. Rebels have Mk's Spar 17's etc. So why can't bounty hunters have a upgrade. Along with that there is a small majority who are master bounty hunters.
  10. Tanoa was fun even if you weren't in Imperal or Mongoles. I was only in turtle hunters for 2 weeks and I play on that sever for months in no gang just with 2-4 other buddys and we had a blast. You really did not run into Mongoles or Imperal unless you tried trafficking pure cocaine. Also people complain about Mongoles owning cocaine on that server but people formed gangs to rebel against them and thats the whole point of having gangs own areas and forming rebellions.
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