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  1. I'm a pretty religious vaporizer these days
  2. Name: hterag Hours: too many Previous gangs: i dont like the term gang Timezone: gmt nibba Any vouches: my name is plastered on the walls of arma 3 history
  3. yes i am a homeowner now real big boy shit gay ly2
  4. msg me on steam for my discord ladies ive missed u fellas
  5. I AM THE ONLY ONE STILL HERE Fucking queers T gang is back msg me for discord we needs a reunion
  6. say what you want about willmong, but its pretty impressive for someone to be that consistently terrible for 4 years
  7. hahaha this guy my other forum account got banned u mong. Was defending u actually cuz i know ur dogshit ass could never be cheating by the amount of times i used to see your big head ass get clapped at cartels. You posted a montage in 2020, just by that logic you still have no social life 2 years after i last saw u crying like a little bitch on the forums. This snail would still shit straight down your stinking little hoe throat think turning on someone 500m away headglitching and shitting on them especially when that someone was tiger takes more skills than u getting a frame drop shooting a kid 3 feet away
  8. if hes cheating i gotta be gimme some attention pls heres another beauty
  9. bump still as active as ever APPLY TODAY IF YOU THINK YOUVE GOT WHAT IT TAKES
  10. - In-Game Name: gimme - Timezone: leader - Age: tag - ARMA 3 Hours (Screenshot)/Asylum experience: and ts - How long have you played on the Asylum servers? ollie - Previous Gangs: you - Why do you want to join Instinct?: disgraceful -Any members who can vouch for you: deserter druggy baghead nos huffing inbred wanker @OLL13
  11. not happening boys my computers a dead ting and i hate this game
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