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  1. marzoh worst arma 3 player i know to this day
  2. i dont know whats worse the song or the kills
  3. Hi new player here! If anyone wants to show me the ropes please hmu on MSN messenger. Also I need my account unwiped, and a unmodq Much appreciated! hope to see you guys on the battle field! been modqd for a year!
  4. #freestellar #unmodqstellar #stellarwillreviveasylum #makeasylumgreatagain #stellarwilldoubleasylumsplayerpop #unbantyrese #givetyresehisaccountback #unwipesk7 #unwipemarzoh
  5. its o7 not o/ like are u dumb or just stupid?
  6. how much money are you making now? must be in the billions by now.
  7. Stellar is now accepting Special Ops Soldiers to the ranks of the most prestigious gang on the server!
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