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  1. checked the caps and mobo looks good, hope it’s not fuckin fried. can’t take it in to get professionally done because Kung flu is running savagely across Florida.
  2. BishopActual

    PC Help

    So, my brother fried my PSU about six months back and I bought a new one, plugged everything in, and the tower won’t boot, even to bios. please fucking help me I want to return to playing arma for some reason. thank.
  3. I actually love driving my 7.3 and I'm not a huge fan of Ford.
  4. What relevance does an Egyptian slave have to Gaming Asylum?
  5. Correct. If a hardass higher up catches you they'll make it their entire goal to make you eat shit.
  6. Reinstalling ArmA when I get home from my business trip.
  7. +1 seeing all this stuff going on has me considering coming back.
  8. I liked Mitch. It was for the likes. Also I used a complaint generator. Not OC.
  9. hey don't bully me i feel harassed
  10. Did you actually meet Gaskal? I live close to a few asylum players but I don't know if I'd meet up with them.
  11. Normally I wouldn't defend Krazy but in all reality what the fuck else are you gonna do as a fourth grader? I was too young to be paying attention and I didn't wanna see it either.
  12. This seems like you couldn't pick one excuse so you picked all of them. Love ya tho bud.
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