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  1. Stop letting entire gangs gear up at admin houses. You can win the fight and they are back roaching before you can even rev the guys who died
  2. GL @CoryB might be interested in joining
  3. The application requirements are listed above
  4. In-game name: PeytonRole-play Character back story (300 word minimum, no copy paste I will check): I am from the future. I am here for one sole reason and that is to save myself from death. I have come back in time to stop myself from marrying my estranged wife who will result in my utter demise. While traveling back in time to give myself a warning I actually fell madly in love with myself (for obvious reasons). So, after convincing my present self to divorce my wife, I end up marrying myself and it goes smoothly for a while until something tragic happens. I must have changed the course of hi
  5. This thread is for the sole purpose of talking about our beloved Cory B. NO HATE OR MEMES PLEASE THIS IS A SERIOUS POST >:( (banter allowed (only about corys chin tho))
  6. Where was my mention Noliver wtf
  7. Clint is the worst Call of Duty player to ever exist
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