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  1. No im pissed plays discontinued services and took all of my videos with them...
  2. As in this being the community https://gyazo.com/e955456964d627d7ac428182c31b75ec
  3. I'm too lazy to read all this but +1
  4. A velcro patch would be cool
  5. I think that donating to the server isn't just about being rewarded with in game items. People donate to help the game and community that we enjoy playing on to be able to survive.
  6. That was the reason they nerfed with quillin was so that people would use the ifrit more.
  7. I don't necessarily agree with dropping the prison cool down from 45 to 15 minutes. since the update I've noticed that there are constantly rebels doing prisons,banks, and feds and cops barely have time to do anything else. at least on server 1. It's just starting to seem like i'm going from firefight to firefight and feels more like wasteland/KOTH instead on interacting with civilians normally.
  8. I hope everybody is having a Merry Christmas with their family. This morning was a hard one for me when I woke to the news of a 21 year old firefighter Natalie Dempsey was killed in a car accident while responding to a fire call. While I did not know her personally she lived only 45 minutes away from me and is a fellow firefighter. I only ask that everybody has a safe holiday and keep Natalie in your hearts. https://philadelphia.cbslocal.com/2018/12/25/natalie-dempsey-firefighter-dies-christmas-morning-hamilton-township-mays-landing-mitzpah/
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