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  1. i dont. its an awful server full of awful people. Obvious bait post for rep updoots.
  2. Imagine taking the time, taking the FPS hit, just for a few likes. OK BOOMER. Theres more to life than internet updoots. None of this will matter, nothing has changed. Spend that time working out or reading a book or something. Stack wins in life.
  3. The state of trump supporters...lmao

    " i want to be ethnically replaced but it has to be legal"
    "we only want the best immigrants so they can rule over us"

  4. fuck off, no one likes a wigger.
  5. absolutely weimar.... typical...
  6. Nahh ill be online in a few days. "id drive a wedge between them. Id prefer that americans live under the most extreme advocates of liberal progressivism today, rather than leaving it for for their grandchildren to deal with tomorrow. Maybe then they would choose not to compromise with the enemies of western civilization. Either restore the constitution and western culture or live under the lash of san francisco commissars. And if they still refuse to fight, well then they deserve the lash." Im not leaving the city. I must stay and fight and ensure 1933 happens again, long after the conservitards and libtards realize VOTING WONT REMOVE THEM.
  7. check out DJ Racemixer over here kek...
  8. Put another spawnable town there!
  9. oh my god the salt is real!!! Nope, im agaisnt homosexuality, i believe its a detriment to humanity and my culture.
  10. The N word

    Its literally just name calling. The only reason the N word is considered a worse word than any other racial slur is because black people freak out at a higher level than any other race would. Its not that the N word is super ultra terrible, its that blacks simply cannot handle being name called.
    Nothing more, nothing less.

  11. huh? i dont understand what your point is. Racism doesnt exist, its a fake made up loaded word that never actually applies and is only ever directed at european people because thats what it was created for in early 1900's by a foreigner jewish communist name trotski who openly advocated for the destruction of europeans. The term was created to attack europeans and displace them and trotski openly admits that. Am i racist because i love my people more than others OR am i racist cause i use racial slurs? who fucking cares. I will quote rudolf hess here because i think its appropriate "judgment of my people and of history. That is the only thing which matters to me. I do not defend myself against accusers to whom I deny the right to bring charges against me and my fellow-countrymen. I will not discuss accusations which concern things which are purely German matters and therefore of no concern to foreigners. I raise no protest against statements which are aimed at attacking my honor, the honor of the German people. I consider such slanderous attacks by the enemy as a proof of honor. " Maric these are adult topics, this thread isnt for you.
  12. you are right, because it is deeper than "muh economic collapse" its all purposefully done... There is a greater deeper evil agenda. The elites know they are going to get lynched soon for their crimes against humanity...
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