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  1. i dont. its an awful server full of awful people. Obvious bait post for rep updoots.
  2. Listen... i want to be wrong. I dont want to see people cheating and im not trying to accuse anyone wrongfully. Still think you are cheating, when the admins wont explain, when your only answer is "ur a reeetard".
  3. Id take you up on that offer but i dont associate with traitors. Your kids will look nothing like you and your nation will be lost to foreigners. Id rather be a nazi than a race mixer. Beta male cuck, america is the worlds toilet.
  4. I think its crystal clear that your skin color looks like dog shit. Shitskin...
  5. At least i get kills, How long did he have to wait to get those kills. 3 kills an hour WOW. Cool man, you like dayz...good for you. More gas lighting. How come you want this discussion to go away? Cause you likely use pull downs too. Your gas lighting might work on your mother or your little boyfriend but not me. I see exactly what you are doing. Whats it like being such a dishonest shithead.
  6. Imagine taking the time, taking the FPS hit, just for a few likes. OK BOOMER. Theres more to life than internet updoots. None of this will matter, nothing has changed. Spend that time working out or reading a book or something. Stack wins in life.
  7. this is exactly why i only socialize and drink beer on asylum, keep the pvp to koth.
  9. kaballah reading motherfucker, how many foreskins have you eaten today? Tell your master cronus i said hi.
  10. I know why the admins dont do anything about it, cause all you shitters are using pull downs and they would have a sharp drop in player count if they banned it.
  11. HURR DURR HOLD SHIFT... oh jeeze i never thought of that in the 4k hours i have in arma 3. Whos the fucking clown wigger. Obviously you use it too since you are trying to gas light.
  12. Oh i know i just want him to say it. I reported olof and was given a shite response of "No action taken at this time will look into further " then why i tried to pm the admin who closed the report asking him what he thought and what was going to be done, i was ignored. are you kidding? my god... TEST IT OUT YOUR SELF, DO YOU EVEN PLAY THE GAME?????????????? this is why my country is going to shit, everyone is fucking retarded or insane. Anyone shilling for this guy im just going to assume they are using pull downs too. Clearly with lack of admin response this is a common th
  13. Can you please explain to me sir how this dude has next to zero recoil?
  14. The state of trump supporters...lmao

    " i want to be ethnically replaced but it has to be legal"
    "we only want the best immigrants so they can rule over us"

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