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  1. Kelly best mod congrats !! Stop editing my shit @Mitch (IFRIT) Im speaking my peace dont be like trump!
  2. Like I said you fucking retard off yourself! Sorry guys, I am not getting the attention I need in life outside of video games. I come here to lash out and voice my frustrations. I typically do this as a way to cope with the trauma I have encountered in my life, and is currently my only outlet. I appreciate your patience and your supporting during these difficult times.
  3. RobiN_


    god tierrrrr
  4. more 4 the community hahahah off urself
  5. Or finish working on ur arma servers???
  6. you're actually cringe lmao
  7. you're actually mad its funny
  8. You've been stuck on the same boring one for years you might be a little delusional dog
  9. wait this is noobius hahahah im dead denied from prime fuck off the thread deadbeat
  10. Im dead glad I could be of service!
  11. song creds go to @Cougar
  12. I crack myself up I assumed you were recording due to the many times you kept coming back trying to talk to me good video.
  13. kitui threatened to kill himself if the admins of asylum didn't unban him don't be threatened by such a virgin
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