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  1. Kind of a bad time to be honest.
  2. Best Montage I have ever seen. Thank you @Nomadox for airing this on live television for my viewing pleasure.
  3. Corporal Plus already has access to the Type 115 through undercover but it would be nice for warrant and medic to also be able to use type 115. It gives extra incentive for the constables to try to climb the ranks by getting more access to better weapons on any slot. Just seeing what the community and other cops think about it.
  4. Add the Type 115 to turf gun shop. It would be a pretty nice addition and make turfs a little more popular to fight since the Type is a pretty good weapon. Overall its makes it convienent for gangs that control turfs to hop back in the fight with at least a type to choose from. Let me know what you guys think.
  5. I feel like I hear my voice in the background in every one of your videos lately, spooky.
  6. My fellow boomer ripping heads. Pop off!!!
  7. Congrats on deadlifting your own body weight.
  8. Best part of the video is with @Lucien with the sit in side chat.
  9. Thanks to @Samperino for the great testing!!!!
  10. @Mitch (IFRIT) don’t make me go in on you... Oh well here it goes. You play ball like a girl.
  11. Why is everyone voting no when they don't even fight them as they are now? What is it going to be hurting?
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