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  1. I feel like I hear my voice in the background in every one of your videos lately, spooky.
  2. My fellow boomer ripping heads. Pop off!!!
  3. Congrats on deadlifting your own body weight.
  4. Best part of the video is with @Lucien with the sit in side chat.
  5. Thanks to @Samperino for the great testing!!!!
  6. @Mitch (IFRIT) don’t make me go in on you... Oh well here it goes. You play ball like a girl.
  7. Why is everyone voting no when they don't even fight them as they are now? What is it going to be hurting?
  8. I honestly think spawning at turfs while its a red zone would actually make it competitive and fun again. Ever since the change the fights at all of the turfs have been non-existent. Bringing back the spawning while its red would encourage fighting even though it was a shit show. Bring back spawning in red zoned turfs and make turfs great again!!!
  9. Are you autistic? You are already in the gang.. LMAO
  10. You guys are talking about cartels and being the better gang but where were you guys in gang wars? Just stop already.
  11. Why do you say shit like this? You literally only count as 3/5 of a person.
  12. @Stratego this kid is an actual beast I would recommend
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