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  1. Who asked????? Fix ur teeth Why are you still talking
  2. imagine being too scared to push with a marid lol. cry baby ken at it again. s/o bera for actually doing something lol
  3. Sergeants were coming in quad bikes with 15 cops on the first day of the update and had still cried hahaha
  4. Ratatouille

    q19 moment

    Still can’t believe you guys lost 16v5
  5. Why do I need to be a 400 pound apd pedo to be able to see what’s being said in the apd suggestions section of this wonderful forum? I just want to support my friend River and quote big gay jay aka lil nasx. Because jay says River is consumed by a mil sim when he literally donates hundreds if not thousands of dollars to russian titty streamers. “I just gifted 5 more, do you think she will put my name on the board?” Like don’t talk to my friend like that please. And copa keep replying with gifs, I swear you’re funny
  6. ur talking to urself. https://gyazo.com/36a4199d6e529673daacc3a5408f9d48
  7. Got any extra face paint for Gaythan ? Two clowns is better than one
  8. Weeooweeooweeoo my fagdar is going crazy. Nathan can you please refrain from speaking thanks
  9. So is the gang fortress neutral face
  10. LGBTQ community rolls updates quicker than you
  11. Why would I tell the whole forum and some bot who can’t control lim recoil lol
  12. Gotta turn some things on and turn some off and it will work
  13. Please stop before you make yourself look even more retarded. If that’s even possible lol
  14. Remove electric chair, remove ufo, remove cancer smoke stack at mental, and kraken waters. While you’re at it reduce night time because it’s literally night more than fucking day and it’s aids. And about the grass shit. People can get their grass removed in the nvidia control panel so if anything not removing grass for everyone is giving kids an advantage. ETA update
  15. Only wesfromak likes the night
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