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    I like flying helicopters in game and in real life.

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  1. What's FakeTaxi? I'm going to look it up real quick.
  2. I'll start the bidding at 250k
  3. Yeah I remember the first day the casino went live and there was 20 people there complaining they lost all their money. I bet the peach fields were packed.
  4. What do you mean unfair? Jesse had to pay for his vacation somehow lmao
  5. That sounds like money waiting to be lost
  6. Speaking of drug runner, let us use our own planes so I can use the jet to deliver in 30 seconds

  7. How much longer do we have to make skins for the contest?

    1. Mason Statham

      Mason Statham

      As far as i know there's no official end date just when the subscriber system is implemented, Would be nice to get a rough time though. Look forward to seeing whatever you're planning to make!

  8. Did anyone else think of Origins on Black Ops 2 or is it just me
  9. 76561198093302122 Steal my identity now
  10. @Jesse So are you still helping with development?
  11. Happy thanksgiving to Asylum, and many more to come!
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