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    PPG bounty hunting. God the salt of humans we have experienced.
  2. wollie35

    trump 2020

    ur boring, let me know when he releases his tax documentation
  3. wollie35

    trump 2020

    *Me waiting for him to release his promised tax reports which he's now refusing to release because he know he has been doing some sketchy tax shit*
  4. wollie35

    trump 2020

    We definitely not saying biden is good, u Just don't have any good (who have a chance) canidates. It's legit picking who's gonna fuckup the least, not achieve the most.
  5. U should be able to see both original words from chigger. It's the fucking internet. If u can't take it tell ur mom to unplug ur cable it's the fucking internet ffs.
  6. What about u make post and u keep posting ur songs as new replies Like Kelly's doodle thread
  7. wollie35

    trump 2020

    They are definitly fucked. But Britain and brexit, your country definitely doing a lot better xD
  8. Rap is boring yes. But I think people make montages for themselves, to re see their fun outplays/ good moments. Just let everyone do what they want
  9. Oh thought they did, well alt f4 that shit or spam end mission till u get through
  10. Softlog after 10 mins. If u can open ur phone ur unrestrained
  11. Legit log and change it. I don't think it's that hard.
  12. Everyone can, it's called lethals. Never down.
  13. aah yeah u need those for cops
  14. I am sorry I can't read sarcasm through chat. Never seen u in there when I played a while ago. I guess ur a more recent member of the Powerpuff girls. Me apologize.
  15. yep and noone asked u to shittalk a montage, but ur doing it anyway
  16. Damn u got him there. That all ur brain can come up with? Nice mason but learn how to drive ya muppet
  17. honestly i couldnt understand the lose streak but i recently leveld a smurf to silver to play with buds and goddamn that shit worse then diamiond. Some1 afked because i told him he should probably go dorans shield vs teemo and not boots 4 pos. Rip bronze 4 riven.
  18. Living on a streets like a hobo is not something I would brag about. I don't have the rights but denied Just say u like queen
  19. Don't remove this this is banter Powerpuff on top
  20. https://www.google.com/amp/s/amp.theguardian.com/world/2020/jun/21/global-report-trump-says-he-ordered-coronavirus-testing-to-slow-down even his supporters said that he was joking, he later stated he wasnt joking. Masks don't prevent getting it, they prevent spreading it. Same with vaccines if a high percentage wears them it wil work, if morons don't wear them in required places it won't work for everyone. Okay so thank God the hospital forced him to wear one so his dumbass wouldn't go in without one Before it was officially recorded in the US, not saying the demo
  21. Because the president is the big name. He's supposed to give examples and show what and how it works. If the president has less influence then Fauci, CDC or WHO then that's another problem, but let's be real the guy had less influence then my street corner MacDonalds. He stated that people just shouldn't get tested because that spreads the virus - retarded He didn't wear a cap publicly against the advice of proper medical institutions untill like 2 days ago - retarded He started blocking people's entry after the virus came in thinking he would prevent it - retarded
  22. It's already proven it's rather hard to get Corona through open air locations. Poorly ventilated areas is where the biggest spreading happens. Or having a retarded president who doesn't understand viruses. That's also a big nono
  23. I have never seen anyone put this much effort into trolling people Hats off to you sir.
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