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  1. The owner of the farm asks his farmer boy to grab a pair of boots because he is about to go and work in the dirt, this is what happens after A farmers boy walks to the 2 (dumb) beautiful daughters off the owner of the farm, and says to them : (farmer boy) Ur father ordered me to have sex with both of you at the same time. (2 girls) I don't believe thats true why would our father want that? (farmer boy screams to the owner) Do i need to grab them 1 at a time or both together? (owner screams back) both of course. This was the story of a farmer boy who had his first
  2. i feel like rodo is also kinda an EXG turf, not that i see them alot but when i do they always seem to spawn in rodo asap with their (not gonna lie) sick rodo house
  3. Seargent WardonkeY has been removed from the APD due to exploiting through cars, a new spot is open corporals
  4. Canna i will impement it this afternoon, ill put it on the main slot
  5. u wish , i feel like space turtles got those cartels more often then u do, alltho not gonna lie what i've seen from you guys is pretty neat, 2 vs 6 defending vs space turtles at drug cartel. Sure i hate u once in a while and i'll be like : "Oh fucking temper on sniper hill again damnit ". but in the end of the day, have good fights with you and do respect u bois
  6. zaros/donor is usually boats and hoes their turf i think switching bamboo Union & BnH around is already a better change
  7. ok we are competing through league now plat 2 here clips from some time ago kinda stopped playing, i am even worse now
  8. Okay thanks for all ur reactions,. i am gonna try them all and play with m a bit
  9. What's the best joke on asylum?
  10. Is it worth to change ur hud (color if there are other hud options feel free to tell aswell), what's the pros and cons? Pros - - - cons - - - And what hud do you guys recommend
  11. Quick question, why are people liking that i lost like my bike (Alec-I and william like this ), guess i know my place in the community ;P
  12. Why should u never laugh when a drunk dutchman drives his bike into the canal. It's probably ur bike
  13. this is 1 of the cringiest joke/question i have ever heared : Why don’t they play poker in the jungle?
  14. i was gonna make a rape joke, butt fuck it #cringe
  15. haha ma mate isnuff was in here under the hemmt box god he aimed like shit
  16. Nice shit katheeri, i am thinking about a katheeri cadet montage but then i realized shit, gotta wait 5 years for that Serious note good shit katheeri, and can someone explain what the benefit of that green scope over the rco is ? and what the name is i thought it was erco but i dont remember.
  17. if the 70 k house is still available i will pay the 140 k for it
  18. can we get enlighted on the server situation cause the fearof the yellow chain is becoming to strong 4 me
  19. Looking for a cheap house near a city, no prefer athira or pyrgos Greets, Wollie35
  20. I am looking for a house at pyrgos or close 2 pyrgos Pricing 70 k - 125 k Message me here if u want to sell 1. Greets, Wollie35
  21. Age: 17 In-Game-Name: Wollie35 Hours: 62 Previous Gangs: None What can you bring to our gang? I have alot of first person shooter experience because of csgo and i can bring quite some laughter. also i am an active player since the 62 hours have been gathered within 4 days with work in between Are you affiliated with any members of our gang? Merrick Extra Information you would like to include (optional). i mostly wanna have fun and play the game, and CORE tempt to ruin it, i met some pistol bangers guys and they seem cool
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