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  1. I too was waiting for him to call him a bitch. I wasn't expecting such PG content from asylum.
  2. You can wipe the player base while you're at it too.
  3. Honestly after reading all this it makes me want to gear up with the cheapest gear and keep everything holstered while I roleplay in different cities that way I don't really care if I get killed, or taken hostage. Also I do believe it makes civs around you start to have a little respect for you and maybe even help you out in times of rdm. I think a 2 life rule should be enforced in every combat situation with cops. I understand why gangs do feds, banks, evidence lockup and prison because they are looking for fights and there is barely any gang life left on the server. Hopefully V2 will have big changes on that which will help the cops stay in cities. I miss the times when we saw at least 2 cops in every city except Sofia, and a couple roaming about illegal areas.
  4. How does a kid that age talk about getting someones mom pregnant. Asylum is such a bad influence on society.
  5. Everything you listed is also on Olympus, but ok.
  6. Now let me see him do it in a helicopter compared to an orca
  7. Gang life needs to learn to adapt. No way to change it Edit: Also GANG LIFE
  8. Damn I don't know why an army sim made it so you can't land in 10 seconds after going full speed. WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU BOHEMIA
  9. Don't touch it, let everyone suffer
  10. Special Occasions: Normal days: Favorite "fast food" dish:
  11. There are just so many other games and Arma servers most players would much rather play now, unlike what there was a year ago. You know something wrong when fucking MINECRAFT is more entertaining.
  12. I can't really play Asylum anymore cause the RP is so poor. "Officer I'm turning myself in, these 3 dudes rdm'd me then I re-spawned and joined server 2, then my game crashed. Joined back spawned at kavala then came to you. Can I have a pardon?. I usually just end up sighing and logging off. They can keep the server to a light RP server, but for the love of god enforce the #1 rule to not break role-play.
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