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    i haven't updated my guide in 20 years. so what !?!

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  1. I tried sending you a message but couldn't its been forever brother. Send me a way to dm you!

    1. bigjohn561
    2. cHIP oTLE

      cHIP oTLE

      oh HI!  you're still alive!

    3. General Baked Potatoes

      General Baked Potatoes

      I have returned my children

  2. Hey bigjohn, its been a while bud. Considering i still have my stuff i'm still sitting on a fortune lol Thanks everyone for your opinions, i'll check it out considering some friends want me to return lol
  3. Hey everyone, as some of you may know i haven't played on Asylum for quite a while now and wanted to see if its still worth coming back to. I saw a few weeks back there was only one server left and was kinda surprised. Wanna see if its worth coming back to or if i should stay away, and wanted to know average pop and who that i used to know are still kicking it on here
  4. I miss you guys too but i don't think i wanna have more tumours from Arma <3
  5. If theres any changes to be made lemme know and i'll update the Guide for you guys
  6. Hey bro just saw your post. As some of you may know i stopped playing Arma about 2 years ago. But i miss @BlackShot hes one of the best dudes ive met on asylum. Kind, compationate, friendly. Are words that describe you well. I still remember the long convos we used to have about everything and how you'd ask my help for pronouncing certain things much love bro! Really hope you succeed in your endeavours
  7. dont promise me a good time and not fall through
  8. i'll destroy your anus when i see you Love, Cheeki Breeki
  9. Milsim's are nothing compared to Cartel Fights. Its not the same and your tactics from milsim won't be worth shite on here. also, who are you? Never seen you before. @william do you know this retard ?
  10. Transition was good lol. That 4 man team in the UAZ clearly had autism...
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