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  1. Now that I think about it did you never buy a helicopter license? Not trying to target you Lee, but aren't you also the one that died from a cadet literally blowing you up with a helicopter.
  2. Actually I thought about it But I think now next thing I'll add is who I Frag next? How about Bob Lee
  3. Y'all need to calm down... This video was for the laugh not for the to form to be attacked... Y'all please be nice...
  4. What is National Recovery? National Recovery is a group of organized individuals set to find Bountys and make cash. mature players being able to enjoy bounty hunting and just fun to be around. When the time comes to fight those that we are tasked to do. We are the "Neutral" group of the island. However, there are cases in which we may break the Law. Faction: Bounty hunter/Rebel [Neutral] Rules: Must be able to follow directions Must be on discord at all times when on Server 1 Must in and on a temp group at all times when on Server 1 (Group Named NRT) Must be able to make money on your own [If no members are on] Must know how to use [Tac Coms] when called upon No Side Communication and Group Communication Note: Failure to follow these rules will result in demotion or termination. ----------------------------------------------- Requirements: Working Mic Can follow asylum (Guidelines/Rules) 350+ Hours on Arma 3 [Please show screenshot] Do you have at least 150k in your bank account [Please show screenshot] [Application] SteamID64: (Ex: 76561198162625625) Age: 16+ (Exceptions will be made) Why do you want to join National Recovery? Can any member vouch for you? Do you know Cartel and Turf Callouts? [Optional] What are your past gangs? [Optional] If you had past gangs why you left? If accepted I understand that I will start a Cadet week and have 30 days to complete the following week in an attempt to receive a(n) RA Signed: (NAME HERE) Note: Please have the Requirements section as your post for recruitment. Thank you. Any other post will be ignored. If you don't feel comfortable applying on the forums feel free to pm me ------------------------------------------------------------------ If you have any questions message me directly. Rivals Black Listed ID:
  5. I think that with the amount of donations that have come and gone the past year and 1/2 should have made at least a small dent for an effort of progress I think (keep in mind it's an opinion no hate plz)
  6. Don't quote me for your "facts" unless you read my other info please.
  7. I agree with you there has been Updates for 2 Factions "Police and Civs", but were is the Rebel Update and all of the new stuff There was "small updates" not that i'm not thankful for them, but I wish there was a med sized update even though the Rebels deserve one more than the rest I would still like to see this happen eventually Also the "small updates" aren't really updates. They are more like fixes that help the Faction.
  8. I agree with you, but I would like to see some Vigilante updates too... The Civil faction, Rebel and Police all could use a major update. To keep everyone happy, but with that said I believe that because being around the server for 2 years it's been Amazing and don't get me wrong or something like that. Hate me IDC, but I really do want to see something new introduced. Like an event that you can do something special or even something small that's added to all factions
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