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  1. the script could add the smallest backpack that a toolkit will fit in so you just pull the bag out, get a toolkit and use, or could just have a backpack with you at all times just dont have 30000 items in it.
  2. hot potato, your all gonna die LOLOLOL
  3. it says i have over 500 when im joining most times i cant even choose a civ/cop slot before i get kicked for high ping... so like yeah
  4. i called my ISP and there seems to be nothing wrong, i dont understand why im getting such high pings... nothing has changed my end D: -https://gyazo.com/f2ff490a5d26c94637999c7242e50522 - http://www.speedtest.net/my-result/5033642729
  5. actually my mortgage is $325 a week and i was joking about paying it.. the game on PC is aids, PS3 all the way
  6. i downloaded it in like 5 hours, played it for 85mins couldnt stand it, deleted it, refunded it, paid my rent instead
  7. this is the worst suggestion ive heard.. not only does it make cops more OP but civ life would become pointless.. cop=money civ=lose money this would make cop=money civ=bankrupt..
  8. i dont understand tho, every time i check its over 500+ ping and ive reset my router/ reset the settings and everything via the webpage D: was fine one min then next it wasnt
  9. was this update the cause of high pings? over night my ping went from 200ish to over 500 D:
  10. last 3 nights ive tried to play ive had over 350-400+ ping when i normally sit around 200 mark.. i cant even play atm because i get booted for high ping
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