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  1. Even a furry knows not to go to meth lab when Muslims are on. (im alex berry btw)
  2. thats why i have been saving my money. I have plenty of 30k hunters to spare (For federal events/ mega grang/group hunts)
  3. not all the time. Only when its the 5th federal event i go to and its just me and some cadets.
  4. as a corp now. I think i can speak on this. I dont roll up to fields or robberies with hunters. Unless its one of the huge gangs. If its nobodies the good old hatchback works well.
  5. Most dont. I have an idea how to but still get ripped out.
  6. please do. We swat whitelists get one life at fed events. We cant buy mags for half our guns (Which i made a report on 2 months ago and havent heard anything back on) WE need something better then the hunter or strider that we get one tapped out of constantly. Along with shipping robberies. We get swat then only have it for 10 minutes during that event.
  7. why dont you guys both get whitelisted for cop then swat whitelisted then talk if swat needs a buff or not. Thanks.
  8. Swat could use a buff of something kinda like this ngl.
  9. Drop Rpgs to 80k and make it LT plus
  10. With the sale here for Arma we need to look into ways to get new players to come to the server and stay.
  11. i would definitely love to help. Im constantly talking to new players and begging them to stay away from kavala and or to pick apples or peaches because its so simple.
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