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  1. Add more clothes/hats and all those shit
  2. Previous Names: Deephouse Age: 18 Timezone: EU Hours(screenshot): https://imgur.com/a/gngyFhI Previous Gangs: Imperium,ONE,The Uninvited and much more cant remember did also hang up with everybody Why are you interested in joining Velocity: Looking to join a gang after a break to fight cartels and have some fun Anyone Who Could Vouch For You: Page,Jamal
  3. To keep donation high, this would certainly be a good solution and everyone would appreciate it just like fortnite. Hopefully @Mitch (IFRIT) this as a good idea
  4. From my eye angle, many more people would donate when receiving exlusive skins. See the same example as fortnite they make a lot of money with skins (clothes) and both parties are satisfied. Would be very cool when it is possible to get more clothes in the server for non-donating and for donors. Examples:
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