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    asylum exchange

    I'm saying for when it says "All Listings" it should show every item listed on asy exchange by players

    asylum exchange

    Make it so asylum exchange shows all listings and not just 25 random listings plss
  3. I haven't used the Asylum exchange in a while so maybe so but there was talk about this when shop houses were originally added and I thought it was a good idea. chris peacock for mod
  4. Is there any plan or possibility that the shop front houses can be used as actual shops players can buy and sell things at? Something like a "Shop addon" in which players who own shop front houses can buy in house menu, which will give them access to buy and sell things from their house to other players. Similar to the AH. I imagine it could show up as a scroll wheel option that pulls up a menu for others to buy and sell from. The shop will be separate from the main inventory but you will still be restricted on how much stuff you can buy/store depending how much inventory space you have left in your home. Unlike Asylum exchange, you will be able to buy and sell all items in bulk. When an item is sold by another player to your shop house, the money is transferred from your bank account into theirs. And vice versa.
  5. honestly, killing two apd officers and reacting in the way he did after having a taste of his own medicine yet still being a higher up on the apd kinda just a tap on the wrist. People have been blacklisted for YEARS doing what he just did. EXACTLY what he just did. NUKED from the APD FOR YEARS. 4, 5, 6 YEARS ago if ppl did that shit they'd be gone. we want his head.
  6. https://clips.twitch.tv/BlindingJollyLettuceBCouch-TIXEn2VtNllIDUgR
  7. Y’all wiped a third of the playerbase dude
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