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  1. It not being fully released halfway through august? Pretty sure everyone has given up on it by now.
  2. Sad that you had to cheat after that gang war loss.
  3. Also remove the awful new physical inventory on vehicles and restore it to the default one. Allow more than one gang house.
  4. Recruiting for V2 since it's finally coming out.
  5. You tried so hard to try help your gang win, making us replay and making up lies yet they still lost. I would be annoyed too.
  6. If he can't/refuses to give out the prizes after 6 months I'd recommended not even bothering to try do one again.
  7. almost 2 months later and still nothing....
  8. And yet still no V2, no surprise really.
  9. @Jesse can these be added for release, as you can see people want them added.
  10. I think this forum might be a bit too active...
  11. So will these be added for V2 release or?
  12. I think just leave them without doors and put them to 10-15k and it will be fine.
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