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  1. Yeah I saw that buddy, isn't hard to mass recruit new players lmao
  2. +1 cant wait to make my own gang just so I can own 6 houses.
  3. No one got banned for anything, he's a clueless monkey.
  4. Who owns these? (e1 is a 40k, e2 and e3 are both 70k)
  5. You missed a part, he got kicked from Forsaken, then joined Void and got kicked, then joined us and got kicked. He's really setting the record for most gangs kicked from, it's kreyzi.
  6. WHAT? You're clearly the one on crack considering what we've seen above.
  7. Okay buddy, so first you bring shame to the Powerpuff Girls then next you attempt to slander the name, I will not let that happen.
  8. WOAH! Don't try to steal our new recruit. PPG ON TOP It's okay, we've taken care of him and won't be seen on the server again as he made a mistake by joining our ts.
  9. Oh no, what a disgrace! I'm sorry you had to go through this, I apologize on behalf of PPG and we've removed him from the gang. Good work catching the shitter!
  10. I recommend providing ingame screenshots of the exact locations.
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