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  1. This isn't rust retard.. jkjk +1
  2. You're a goodboy, I got you speechless
  3. Huh? Buddy pipe down it's a shed on a game LOL
  4. Which alt you got the house on buddy, also no not very mad but it's just crazy how you dedicate yourself to merching houses on a dead server LOL
  5. Yeah that's how cartel fights are nowadays
  6. Hmm can you tell me which admin you're using to check houses for you? I'm curious who owns some houses
  7. 0:18 *TEA POOOOO* wow gotta love my fans, thanks for the support Mason
  8. NotTea

    Shed for sale $2M

    The end is near and you think this is worth 2mil? yikes
  9. uhh I think this fits in here @krono677
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