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  1. what a beauty the one crouching on castle is
  2. Tea.


    yep lesson learned, don't drop 50 kill games twice in a row and attempt to kill someone 1km plus on koth otherwise you'll get permed off every server for it but yknow you can do the most sketchy shit ever on olympus *cough* ix and still not be banned.
  3. Tea.


    n1 the skill gap is just too big ft. synthetic software solutions
  4. Tea.


    Sad times like this I wish I could be there in vegas for when you lose all your money irl, just remember it always hits red first spin o7 #FREECRH
  5. Fights are definitely better on olympus compared to asylum but asylum is better in terms of fighting cops. Also conquest the objective is to capture points and first one to 3-5k points win so you're most likely not going to have your whole gang holding just 1 cap otherwise other gangs that are holding 1-3 caps will get more points overtime and win. So either way you'll just have a bunch of ifrits zerging capture points and that's just inevitable whether you have 10 or 12 people.
  6. True warzone gets voted every first conquest but the 2nd one is always a different zone unless admin forces it to warzone again. It'll get old pretty quick fighting only warzone everytime, so having multiple zones to vote for like olympus has is really good imo I'd just make the group cap 12, I don't think 10 would make any difference in the sense of not getting zerged with ifrits. Even with a 10 group cap, you'll still be getting zerged bc most ppl will be in ifrits and there's nothing really you can do to stop that from happening.
  7. okok pop off young gravl
  8. This Steve guy has no clue what he's talking about, dw.
  9. Well as oly as it, you have 5 minutes of invincibility when you spawn at the rebel. And if bhs/cops decide to show up, make it a bannable offense as John already stated. Well I mean you aren't wrong, players will definitely want to log on for 2-3 hours for the fight but it can obviously lead to them actually playing the server more then they already don't.. They would also have to go make money so that can possibly lead them to fighting cops, making money, or capping cartels and if they do decide to cap cartels, other gangs can log on and fight them. If there was a zerg that big, they
  10. Hey dumbass conquest is an EVENT, bhs camping rebel would be disrupting the event. What is so fucking hard to understand about that?
  11. I wouldn't even make this a cap for conquest, this just seems horrible tbh
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