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  1. You must be obsessed w/ me, I was told you were asking about me and I haven't logged on someone in months so I dunno what you were on about during that conversation lmao keep crying though
  2. ? huh you only got 2 kills there bud also these guys passenger seat dropping
  3. you're the real clown considering you had to camp rebel for a bounty and then went to the forums to cry about it
  4. Theres very few clothing you can pick through on asylum that actually looks good compared to olympus, so I'd be down to purchase a crate to get some clothing that actually looks good or you can choose to add it to clothing shop but for the simplicity of the poll, I left that option out so the votes weren't all over the place.
  5. hush and go play the a3 campaign weirdo
  6. Yeah we just recently released Synthetic Software Solutions, $89.99 a week
  7. ANOTHER SWIFT DAY OF WIPING CAP, o7 unknown and plague
  8. gooood shit synthetic leader goofi
  9. +1 wow teach me how to edit!!
  10. Yeah you could do something like conflict where its everyday for like 3hrs or w/e
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