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  1. Congrats @Mayhem. You finally made it man.
  2. Good luck and happy new year Mitch.
  3. Congrats @Louie. Make me proud and make that mod someday. Do it better and longer than me brother. Most of all though, good luck to the entire team and I love you all. Good luck to all of you.
  4. To be fair I have infinitely more hours in RS back when it was good than I do in WoW lol. Time for me to switch up games though.
  5. OSRS is for normies named Jake Edit: and Mason
  6. DonDurka

    V2 feedback

    Being good at ArmA has absolutely nothing to do with my reply to your post. I told you what's happening, if you're not going to listen that's on you. Good day sir.
  7. DonDurka

    V2 feedback

    Bounty hunting among other things has to be scripted back into the new V2 mission their way. We were bound to lose initial features upon the release of V2 that hasn't been a secret. It's also no secret that bounty hunting will be brought back along with many other features. These things take time, they rewrote a mission file from the ground up this was no hot fix. They fixed server / mission file stability which could not be accomplished any other way. Server stability drove the population away from Asylum. This is the long game, no one is thinking that population will come back or all of the features will be brought back in a week or 2. You act and talk like you think they're purposely taking out features because they no longer want to incorporate them which is so far from the truth I don't even think your complaint is valid.
  8. DonDurka

    V2 feedback

    Yep, V2 looks good. Whitelisted medics are coming, that's all that matters to me. Future medic DonDurka at your service, citizen.
  9. As someone who owns a 17 ST, not bad.
  10. Your crates will disappear but the storage will still be there, there's no reason to comp for crates that are already placed in a house being removed.
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