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  1. I honestly wouldn't mind all the lockpicks in there lol, only issue was us doing it close to restart. First time doing it, after completing it and losing all that at restart and thinking about it we probably should have pulled a few of our own hemmits/tempests and transferred them before the restart. Another thought is to filter out the unprocessed drugs/uranium that are not able to be sold at the npc's
  2. Too bad server restart came and we lost out on selling easily over 1mill in guns lol
  3. Not really, I get what your saying though. We make a decent amount on tickets and stuff but during lets say a fed. Even if the cops win and stop the fed, if were fighting a decent size group we still lose. And what i mean by that is if we win the fed, i almost always have less after the event in my account then i started with from buying loadouts and coming back. same thing goes for the bank. The idea behind the more money thing has more to do with more money for cops for winning a federal event rather then an all around boost on money.
  4. I wanted to mention this but i felt like if i mentioned cops getting more money people would lose their minds
  5. Ok so these are all going to be biased suggestions for cops, well because im a career cop. -Bring undercover hunters back. Would be nice to be able to use them, especially for those who have paid for crates and have gotten the skin to use but play cop more often. -Ability to buy Leg Strap backpacks for the rank of Cprl+, Its hard to carry a decent amount of magazines and a good mixture of smokes and frags. Would also help out with those (including myself) that fight to get a undercover slot, and complain about there not being enough whitelisted slots. -For the love of god
  6. You must be under the impression that there is no such thing as being able to do two things at once. Not only that but its not something that is hard to do at all...
  7. Why do we not yet have a heli pad across from Highway HQ like there is in Pyrgos HQ? Its in the middle of nowhere, if any of the HQ's have one Highway should definitely be one of them. @bamf @Gnashes
  8. There is, its called getting people together to donate to the community goals
  9. @Jake im already talking to them, and thats a interesting idea as well. @Steve i think you are correct, it was either auto generate and then you had to go collect from the fridge and then came the auto deposit into the gang account but the community had to actually be doing something like running drugs in order to get the money deposited from the respecting cartels @Smee I respect your opinion but i dont think that the best course of action with something when people lose interest is to leave it alone and let it die, but rather work on it and change it to something the p
  10. Your not wrong. I guess this is another topic to bring up, same goes with ifrits. It is easy to shoot people out of those as well from the side now, But im more interested in seeing orca's being buffed.
  11. So maybe something along the line of each time its defended it goes up a level in some kind of reward system? But then at the same time the people who defeat it might need a incentive then if they are to push it several times.
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