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  1. Ken

    Changelog October

    Helllll yeah, time to blow all my money.
  2. I already miss Mr. Fun Detected @Ronald, I feel that you truly were good for the community. But dont think this is going to keep me out of your DM's, im still going to be pestering you. Congratz @Witz! We appreciate not only your time, but all the developers that donate their time to bring us new content and help keep this community running.
  3. Someone I know once said... "What the hell..."
  4. I agree with and have stated before i think police should have the ability to seize "claim" a vehicle if it has been used again the APD and they of the rank to have that vehicle. I dont think it should be a simple seize on the spot thing though, maybe have a shop the cops have to take it to to claim it.
  5. Content, QOL, new gear/items. great patch, thanks guys!
  6. Ken


    o7 Mitch, thank you for continuing to give me a safe place to hide from grass all this time. Hope to still see you around. Good luck.
  7. Your ass has been trying to escape us since I got Captain, finally found freedom. o7
  8. I dont think it would really matter weather the officers were downing or lethaling, the objective would be to move forward and get the stuff to the destination rather then stopping to restrain and process people
  9. Dont know why, its pretty much just a reverse chop shop event =/
  10. Not that im aware of, they must have ran into some bounty hunters
  11. Fair points, both can be worked around im sure. I only picked that area because it was a spot already on the map that could be used and wasnt insanely far away from evidence, comparable to the 100% mark from the chopshop event. There are plenty of other "Military complex" type locations that could be used though
  12. An idea for a new federal event, one that is started by the APD rather then the civs. Requirements: -5 or more officers online -10 or more civs online (population affects possible payout for police) -Can be started once per restart -Started by the rank of Lieutenant+ (Maybe SGT+) -Cannot be starter while any other federal events are active Objective: Police have gathered up a large amount contraband and illegal equipment throughout Altis over time that requires transportation to the Evidence lockup processing facility for safe storage, located right outside the Evidence Lockup. Police are to convoy, escorting a tempest device containing the contraband escorted by 2 police ifrits that are supplied at the start of the federal event. Police are would start the event at the Military Complex located on the top of the hill NE of Cocaine Field, and transport the tempest to the Evidence lockup processing facility where they can then offload the contraband at the site ending the event. Note - Separate building should be used as a "processing facility" near the evidence rather then at the evidence lockup itself to prevent civilians from getting knocked out by the evidence lockup script. Also a quillin minigun can be added to the police convoy if civilian population is >then X amount. (Obviously this part would require the Captains to make a policy on the use of this) The point of this would to be to add in another federal event and something else for the people to do but with a twist. Every federal event with the exception of the Evidence Lockup itself is a highly defended position that the rebel force gets to defend and the police have to push. This would mix it up a little bit and create a challenging fight for both sides, a fight that could be fluid and constantly moving rather then sitting and defending/pushing the same location.
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