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  1. Shut up retard 20 rebels against 10 cops, just get better. Signed, Fellow Gang Mate
  2. Most of the responses here are mostly positive, i think im on the wrong forums. But for real though, nice changes and thanks for the work you devs/contributors are putting in.
  3. This is an end game event. If you cant pay attention to the timer on your screen that literally lets you know when the remains is about to pop and plan accordingly then you probably should just do another event. The Patient remains popping is not the reward, It is another stage of the event. The reward is whats inside and you "Win" that event by getting away with the items, not by sitting in a fortified position in the mental asylum itself and waiting for the patient remains to pop. It amazes me how people want things to come to them so easily these days, how is that even fun to just sit inside a place like the Mental Asylum that is literally the easiest place to defend on Asylum day after day after day.
  4. No? Its pretty simple, even though it is a "light rp server" it is still a rp server. There is still other things to do like patrol drug fields so people can freely print money, along with other things like assist with other civilians that need help from officers with various things. This is pretty hard to accomplish when you don't even have enough time to transport people back to the police HQ and finish processing them before another event starts. As for the "its a light rp server, go play a hardcore one if you dont like the combat", yes its still a rp server and yes I too am sick of the back to back to back events and from time to time would like to just patrol and get into a chase and find natural combat without having to push a group of rebels that are already set up in a heavily fortified position. You say go find a hardcore rp server, kid... im already on a rp server, you want hardcore combat go play KOTH.
  5. Wait, who voted for this guy?
  6. That Big John clip though...
  7. We had 4 events while I was on cop yesterday Prison - Won it Mental Asylum - Our feared indestructible Marid was in fact blown up, wow. Still won. Evidence lock-up - Won it Another Mental Asylum - Won it I will admit that the reason is because we pushed with 18 cops against if I were to guess 10ish or maybe even less rebels, but we still pushed. I must be playing on a different server then you guys because I'm not picking up what your putting down.
  8. Hey bub, we won the event? Dont know what your talking about. You guys literally left the most defendable position in Asylum because you saw a marid and started drooling, all got lethaled and left only two people inside defending. I actually miss the old NV who enjoyed a blanced fight and diddnt want everything just handed to them. You know, people who shit talked but could actually back it up too. =]
  9. Was for sure a fun fight, lasted quite a while lol
  10. EFFECTIVE IMMEDIATELY Rotating Aircraft Carrier: Will now be treated the same as all other Rebel Outposts. UFO Crash Site: Sergeants+ now have the ability to raid UFO Crash Sites. Raids will be conducted as follows: Only Constables+ may attend. All officers must make one simultaneous push. If an officer is not part of the initial push they may not join later. All officers must wear protective clothing. Marked Officers: CBRN Suit (blue) or Diving Suit. Undercover Officers: CBRN Suit (any variant) or Diving Suit. All officers have one life, if you die you are not able to respawn and come back to the fight. Officers on scene may be revived. After the raid the Sergeant+ will mark the crash site with their name and time of the raid. Only one raid may occur per crash site. Outside of a raid officers may only enter the area if they: Have active pursuit. Have an APB located there. Have a Warrant located there. Possession of Patient Remains: Applied to any individual who is found to have the Patient Remains from the Mental Asylum. Weapons Trafficking Clarification: Weapons Trafficking is defined as “transport (ex. in a vehicle) or possession of illegal weapons in excess of personal use.” Personal use is defined as 1 weapon per weapon slot. A suspect must have 3 or more illegal weapons in their possession. If a suspect has exactly 3 illegal weapons, 2 must be for a single weapon slot (1 Mk-1, 1 RPG Tube and 1 Zuber is not weapons trafficking, regardless of how many legal weapons are in their possession). If an individual is trafficking weapons, they are given 1 count of “Weapons Trafficking” per weapon in their possession (legal or illegal). SWAT Change: Sergeants+ are now able to authorize all SWAT certified officers to regear for SWAT. This subsequent deployment will be on a first come first serve basis. SWAT lives will count towards the lives required of all officers for federal events. Uranium Change: Constables are now able to patrol both Uranium Mine and Nuclear Power Plant. They must abide by all other rules for these areas. Update to UFO Policy: If there has been no combat or person(s) in the immediate vicinity of the UFO site from the time of arrival leading up to the 15 minute timer expiring, officers may seize any illegal items immediately. If there has been combat during the waiting time of the 15 minute timer, the situation must be deemed all clear and a 1 minute timer set before seizing anything. If you have any questions or concerns regarding this policy please contact a Captain.
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