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  1. Don't take your anger out on me because your dad fucks you in the ass every night, mong
  2. These are just some old clips back when most people got unbanned when Badabing the pudding king took ownership of the server. Some clips are probs NSFW but unlucky. Plz no delete mod team, just here for the laugh.
  3. Mitch at it again making alt forum accounts, what a beast
  4. The mong is trying at least so how about you guys stop being mongs and neck
  5. I would've just hit you with the ifrit but I understand why they would be mad xD
  6. Haven't you heard? You're off the team. Can't have big shitties on the team. smh
  7. Obviously, Krypton hasn't been keeping up with Heavy Breathing's montages if he thinks Envy is the best gang
  8. P.S Please don't take it down again, cheers
  9. BFR, the only man to get taller when he is on his side https://gyazo.com/abc95036159d9ad5066f42292c6e2085
  10. Can someone please sing this and upload it to youtube, cheers
  11. I just watched some more of your most recent videos Justi. Do you not understand what fun is or just taking the L. You're just being an absolute mong that no one wants to be around. You remind me of some mong cop who said that some CL on him, the cunt was wanted for a VM, and he would not shut the fuck up about reporting him so I told him to swing in the wind and fuck off. or google and ORCHID, all I hear from them in sidechat or direct is saying they are going to report someone. That shit is just annoying. We have an unwritten rule in Heavy Breathing, if you lose nothing of value or the guy isn't a mong, don't report. Even if we do lose something of value or the guy is a mong we most likely don't report just dome him until he quits and by the time our gaming session ends, we've had enough time to not even care about the shitty report. Hardin the fuck up and play the game, someone RDM's, RDM them back, it means they don't record and if they do their footage is useless. The funniest times I've had on asylum is not following the rules and that is because some rules are stupid also some people believe they are immune because a rule exists, they get so mad. The number of times I've flipped someone's car to the moon right in front of them or passengered seated people on my time on asylum is ridiculous. A decent amount of those times were not on Civ. But people still manage to have fun. If it was something I felt bad for doing I would comp them a hefty amount and the jews of asylum are just as bad, they suck all the fun out. I had a guy turn himself in and asked to go straight to jail, I gave him a pardon of 120K because some jew was just waiting within the radius for the money. I told the civ why and we both laughed and had fun. TL;DR, Justi a mong, just have fun
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