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  1. are you ever going to leave the forums bro lol
  2. respect bro, i wanna make a jaco plan now having a good physique, partying, fucking girls, drinking alcohol. Yeah im still depressed asf HAHA
  3. Madlibs I wanna see the kill on me in the next montage!!!
  4. Your name is pretty cool, good luck mate.
  5. I’m dead man pahahaha Nate long is washed
  6. Haha great one big man! I don't want to roast you as I don't roast my fans especially the ones that are seriously depressed and would probably top themselves if I spoke truth about their current life situation. I wish you the best of luck in life and please don't shit talk me again when you have no grounds to do so. I would eat you alive like no other person, trust me.
  7. Hey guys following my inactivity to this thread, would you like any more photos of my physique? Obviously AdaM decided he would post one himself but I’m all up for showing you what not being a lazy retard can actually achieve. Im around 8% bodyfat right now due to the fact I am going to magaluf for a week to hopefully smash Jimbo’s crippled sister. Obviously I will probably leave her in a hammock with her noodle legs swinging around below her like her brother while he plays Arma 3 in his basement; but that’s besides the point. I hope you guys have a really good week! and I’ll make sure to say hello to your ex girlfriend while I destroy the fucking shit out of her and her friends. The way that you never could. Jimbo mate you’re fucking shit at arma now, just thought I’d throw that one out there. To the rest of you super cool guys, fuck you I hope to see you on cap when I get back, good luck and have fun. xx
  8. You should have added the 8 piece I got on your gang last night bud. @Rodrigo can vouch this insane play haha
  9. Requirements (no exceptions): Mature Fighting Experience 2000+ Hours Application Format: Name: Age: Hours: Previous Gang('s): Vouches: Roster
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