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  1. Never bc the game is so unbelievably dead I’m trying to find other games to play tho
  2. I’m pretty new to the game 2100 SR (still the best widow NA in double shield meta) babooshka#11950 can play evenings after work
  3. Sounds like aids to try and code but I also have zero coding experience
  4. Its all pretty cringe if you think about it, you’re either LARPing as a rebel/cop or as mommy’s little freedom fighter in a milsim server - the reddit retards will be retards
  5. is that a yasuo profile pic? consider ur opinion ignored
  6. Some gang overhauling would be nice. Cool ideas
  7. Good idea until XxSiLLySniP3r69xX screams in group chat and violates your ears in between restarts
  8. Come back to this awful game when v2 drops pls
  9. I thought it was shitty at the time but it was fun as hell to play with ur friends, I’d take s6 over current season 80% CDR urf riven with true dmg and spell vamp
  10. Not too hard to quit, this is hands down the worst season of LoL I’ve ever experienced, too much for me to handle anymore and I’d actually rather play arma at this point
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