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  1. I don't, that shit's been happening for years over MULTIPLE BE games such as Fortnite, R6S, and ARMA
  2. I don't have either a script or a BE bypass on my computer, and never have. It was false positive, and I know that for a fact. I love arma and would never cheat, literally ask any one of the PURGE people I was playing with I was NOT making nutty plays or looking like I was EVER cheating.
  3. still don't know what it was for, I'm bad at the game and most people know that
  4. maybe if the servers didn't crash every 5 minutes the community play on them, maybe even donate to keep them up
  5. 1. What's your in-game name? Pause, but right now it's pause isn't toxic 2. Why do you want to join Purge? You guys are always on for fights and I want to join in 3. Have you been in any other previous gangs? (If so which ones) stellar, was in the second primitive, and boats and hoes all from about a year ago 4. Will anyone vouch for you? I'm not sure I know anyone close in Purge right now. 5. How active do you plan on being? Very, just got offa school. 6. Are you in the APD? (If so what rank) I was constable but blacklisted, right now cadet 7. Have you had any previous bans on Asylum? yeah I vaulted out of an out of rp kidnapping and took a 3 day 8. How many hours do you have on Arma? 942 9. How many of those hours are on Asylum? probably around 70%
  6. Pause


    what was the point of this?
  7. looking for a s1 coke industrial shed. I'd prefer to have it within 5km of the field, but if it's a little further I'll still consider it. reply with offers, thanks!
  8. yeah and I'm even worse now cuz I haven't played in a year and a half lmao
  9. Pause


    the us guard afaik
  10. Pause


    you were the only person not included in this post jk bounty hunt w/ me sometime or sumth
  11. Pause


    im tryna play again if any y'all remember me hmu i wanna play with people
  12. still, most of the good people that have over 1k are gone bc the server is dead
  13. I'd be surprised to find people with over 1300 hours on a server that you don't already know.
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