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  1. I feel as if the ONLY gun they should have access to is a full mx bounty hunter kit.
  2. adds a little flavor ykno?
  3. personal record: 185 Bench I haven't maxed squatting. 320 Deadlift 185 Powerclean I weight 150 lbs and I'm a sophomore in hs I'd say the biggest thing for you to focus on is consistency, protein, lots of water, and especially sleep.
  4. In my opinion it all depends on your intention. Although this can be exploited because your intentions can be easily faked.
  5. I don't get it... that only takes me 2 minutes
  6. Just carry a gun on you, eject and spray. Your gun auto pulls when you get out of a vehicle. Its the same as when you're on your feet, if you don't carry a gun you run.
  7. +1 Even after you leave the gang he'll hunt you down and get you paid. @Ludde
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