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  1. Just know we clapped Northwood
  2. So I'm a sophomore in high school and wrestling season ended two weeks ago. This is my first year wrestling and I love it, I'm trying to make state championships by senior year. This offseason i'm going to be wrestling about 80 matches total so I can gain the most experience I can, cause thats what I'm mainly lacking. I bench and power clean 185 and I deadlift about 335. My weight class is 145lbs (~66kg) and I'm ~5'7 feet tall (ik im short ). Do any of you wrestle or have made it to states? Any tips for when I workout, wrestle or feel unmotivated? (record is 16:4 in duels school matches and 16:8 in individual tournaments) Feel free to say anything.
  3. In these kind of situations, its best to remain calm continue with your music. Even when its 400k worth of scotch. Fair warning: turn down your volume, my whistling is ear piercing. Excuse me for the shit quality of the music, I was playing it through speakers.
  4. I haven't read anyone comments so don't flame me for it. Lethals are sort of abused I agree, and its frustrating when a higherup or everyone agrees on the use of lethals because it ruins the gameplay as a cop even. I think lethals should be only used mainly for unreachable suspect (roofs, car gunners, etc) but should not be used on people simply do to being "outnumbered" in a fight of 3v6. If there are only 2 cops, and 8+ then lethals are understandable. The only time other than those listed above, lethals seem viable for example during a prison break, lethaling one of the people in the front deerstands (if there are people in both deerstands) to allow entry to take the other deerstand out with non lethals. But then again the use of flashbangs and smoke grenades are not utilized. (side note: using a shit ton of smokes during a prison break is very effective.) All in all, lethals should be strictly used on rare occasions.
  5. Here's how I would like to see it. Remove all bounty hunter weapons and only keep MX, promet, (maybe also spar 16, type 115). This will eliminate all the sneaky pistol bangers that ruin the fun. This will also force the bounty hunters to wear carrierlite/CSAT clothing. Which would give allow the people to see them as the same threat they would as a rebel with full gear. The idea of someone turning on you or just downing you with pistols, only losing $1200 for their p07 is really irritating. If the bounty hunters had to put more money into it (25-30k for full bh kit) they would be more careful. Basically, fighting bounty hunters that are full kit is much more satisfying and actually enjoyable rather than fighting pistol bangers that just respawn and regear with no loss. Minimum bounty that bh can get should be 15-25k Don't whitelist bh, its an alternative to cop and allows for more civilian variety.
  6. adds a little flavor ykno?
  7. personal record: 185 Bench I haven't maxed squatting. 320 Deadlift 185 Powerclean I weight 150 lbs and I'm a sophomore in hs I'd say the biggest thing for you to focus on is consistency, protein, lots of water, and especially sleep.
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