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  1. Shows that you really know what you are talking about now.
  2. Are you trolling? EAC is by far superior to BE. They detect AHKs as well so that is not an option on rust unless you just want to get game banned?
  3. Rust has the best anti cheat of all of the games listed. Are you dumb?
  4. Bring up a rust server so I can bring back the Sterllar Galactic Inc. LLC butt wipers to kill the whole server.
  5. @Subaru do you remember the one time we were in kavala LOL
  6. For everyone asking where part 4 is.
  7. Since they wanted to delete number 2.
  8. We have all been here to see Tryhard's polls and how well they help and affect the community with the results. So I think the community should decide this.
  9. Already on 20 different servers nothing special.
  10. Who are you? Get off my thread.
  11. starting to think I like proud more than krypton
  12. Y'all have nothing on my puppers.
  13. Looks like the APD is lost without me.
  14. Current: Rival Previous: Bratva, Reliance, Nexus, Requiem, Oblivion, Method By the looks of that it has been every single 1
  15. Every time you type you just make your self look more and more stupider. Starting to think its rubbing off.
  16. Who the fuck are you talking too? Impressing internet friends? Don't you have 100 hours in the past two weeks go outside and enjoy life buddy.
  17. Can i get un mod q'd i literally havent done anything but deliver some adren shots to rebel from the kavala hospital and then promote 3 constables to CPL on teamspeak. Yet they said I gave teamspeak ranks to people so they can harass cops? I just want the mod q gone. Im not coming back to the server doesnt mean I can't post memes on the forums tho
  18. Can I get unbanned and unmodq'd as well. I gave some teamspeak promotions and they said I was giving ranks to people to harass cops but they already had the ranks I just increased them.
  19. Can I get un mod q'd i dont ever post anything bad on the forums smh
  20. He still beat you in gang wars. Smh
  21. , I made my own money.
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