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  1. Not saying there is, but he was a whole other level. Where he was toxic and had a sad life. I felt bad for him, and then remembered how much of an asshole he was!
  2. @The Forgotten Legend I literally talked to Isaiah and he told me how you ratted the gang from him. You probably don't remember because you were too shitfaced. You are a just a dumbass belligerent drunk.
  3. Yeah @GravL is right. I actually recall your retarded ass being kicked out of La Fam because of how toxic you were toward everyone. But when Isaiah was the only leader left in that gang and playing with his friends, you rejoined him and I'm pretty sure you somehow had the ability to kick him from his own gang. You ratted that gang and made it complete shit. @The Forgotten Legend you're a cancer.
  4. Imagine getting crushed by a car like a beta
  5. @sealooter lets make a correction here. @Dillon says "he is shooting at us, kill him. Oh he also said he has lots of rpgs in his house" FUCKING MONG
  6. its more so if they get like 3 kills, then its obvious and they should be banned
  7. can we get an admin that knows cartels to comment on this situation
  8. absolutely cracked dude
  9. Chunkers getting fucked by an sdar. Love to see it!
  10. Steve's big ass 5Head always getting ripped
  11. Imagine dying to Chunk ahahahahahhaha
  12. you're a retard, that remix goes hard
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