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  1. People who are voting to remove BH, but they have very little to no honor should not have a valid vote.
  2. the same 4 bar guitar loop the entire song with no progression.zzzzz high hat seem out of sync from the bpm. which I'm thinking it's the guitar loop that is out of sync and it is throwing off the rhythm. the last 2 808's of the kick loop just feel a bit out of place with the rest of the grove of the drums. +edit listened to it again and at like 2:20 the guitar loop like cuts out and which makes me think I was right about the guitar loop is totally not sync'd or stretched right.
  3. wipe it all. start fresh. otherwise it's same old same old
  4. It depends on if it took 10 minutes to make or 10 hours.
  5. They should take money from people every time they make a useless report.
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