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  1. I tried this with FSM, its a struggle, but i feel like i paved the way for a good few people in terms of rebel life
  2. "major" dont kid yourself lol, drunk squad couldn't even contest a 3man FSM
  3. Not much chance of gang life coming back, gang life for the past two months was a two horse race between Prime and Explicit. If we are fully honest here, these two gangs have only each other as competition, for the short time I was in Prime, every time we fought, it would be Explicit, apart from the very few times Nv or Recursion fought. No one is really willing to make opposing gangs, all attempts have been pathetic 3 day gangs that couldn't even coordinate how to get out of donor spawn. @Marzoh's Stellar seem to be permed or week banned, or have given up on the server. @Bunni.'s Temper, while having very few remaining, seem content on just grinding and chilling. Most good gang leaders are in Prime or Explicit, such as Nomadox, Fudger, Jay, Tiger, Connor McGregor, TryHard, Winchester... Gang Life isn't in a very good place, and it seems it will stay like that until someone comes and changes that. It isn't really in @Clint Beastwood and @BaDaBiNg_10-8's hands anymore, they have stabilised servers for the most part, its just down to the player base to act on it. Even if you don't think you'd be a good gang leader, try assemble something, work up, start small get big. Do something.
  4. Nah man, needs a Adrenaline shot after being defibbed right before christmas
  5. I love being given a mod que on my main account for no reason at all sad sad day when you guys are mod queing people for pointing out flaws in your server Adolf Beastwood and Bada Himmler strike back
  6. Now that Gnashes and co are away may you please unban my account @Eazy (perm fkn modqued)
  7. *insert meme about how identity flopped to improve the like to post ratio*
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