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  1. You heard it here boys. Sit on the canister you can't be punished
  2. In-game name: Obu Obu Obu Age: 26 Timezone: central Hours on Arma 3: 3k+ Previous gangs: dark horse military(stratis) first gang, last gang anomoly Any members who can vouch for you? no members but friend tags/affiliates. ollie, chase, stevie,etc
  3. In-Game Name: Obu Obu Obu Age: 25 Arma 3 hours (Screenshot): https://imgur.com/a/iiD6mz0 Bank Account (Screenshot): https://imgur.com/a/ldeQRnu Any experience fighting? couple years since stratis days. Vouches: n/a Previous Gangs: fatality, plague How active will you be? nights, early mornings
  4. Name: Obu Obu Obu Arma Hours: 2.4k https://imgur.com/a/iiD6mz0 Reason for wanting to join: looking to fight cartels, cops, etc. Previous gangs: been around since asylum stratis so too many to count. most recent cartel gang was plague Vouches: Walt, maybe skrood & farooq but been a while since played with them.
  5. In Game Name: Dafran/Obu Obu Obu Hours on Arma (please provide screenshot): 1.3k screenshots fucked https://imgur.com/a/u9cwo6A Previous gangs: Honestly can't remember been a while and so many gangs. Previous bans, be specific: had a rdm ban like 5 years ago for miscommunication. Why do you want to be on BLS?: looking for a gang to fight with and see what the scene is like now. most people I knew don't play or don't care to fight anymore.
  6. I remember not fighting certain people because of annoying toxic sidechat. Now it's just ddos wars... I'd rather toxic sidechat than this stupid shit.
  7. Obu Obu Obu


    Damn he's got my respect. getting top 10 on the most ACTIVE gang season is about as hard as owning kavala cartel.
  8. I'll poop my pants once a day in memory of you.
  9. Anyone got any updates on who owns Kavala Cartel right now? need a new gang
  10. I remember watching the bounty hunter and a split second later SPLAT. I couldn't stop laughing.
  11. I never said a single thing to the cops they probably thought you were just trying to stall/fuck with them :). that's what you get for breaking my legs then downing me right after.
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