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  1. Listen boys.... tower pushing is not our specialty
  2. How do i go pro on runescape
  3. What do you dislike about KoTH servers? I enjoy most KoTH servers as long as there are no aids vehicles and weapons. No navid, or anything like that. I think making something like asylums combat would be alot of fun(mks and nothing that much bigger) it would be something pretty unique from the rest What do you like most about KoTH servers? Its easy to just lay back hop on koth and have a good time fighting as an alternative to asylum fighting where you cant just lay back and shit because you have limited lifes and supplys and it takes alot more time to get back into the fight What did you like most about strife (not afk paychecks)? Super cool how it was intertwined with asylum economy. If you can balance this it would be cool. Also liked that it was very fast paced and had multiple objectives What did you dislike most about strife (not the removal of afk paychecks)? Sometimes aids with the people who were just too good with jets. I like the jets in the game but maybe a bit of a nerf with no bombs? Maybe just have jets with guns? idk how to balance it but some people are just gods with the jets and could shut down an entire team with one.
  4. That didn’t take long still fire doe
  5. Joe mama you fucking idiot

  6. Wow dude!! What an epic gamer moment!!! Thanks for sharing
  7. This or some kind of stackable talent and skins for like 100k would be pretty cool aswell
  8. Coming in v2? @Gen. Henry Arnold?
  9. i think a helicopter delivery mission would be pretty fun +1
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