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  1. This or some kind of stackable talent and skins for like 100k would be pretty cool aswell
  2. 3.5 roentgen not great not terrible
  3. Coming in v2? @Gen. Henry Arnold?
  4. Tru bangers right here
  5. i think a helicopter delivery mission would be pretty fun +1
  6. So to play would I have to buy any thing other than a new subscription?
  7. Quick question i bought WoW bfa a few months ago and I was wondering is WoW classic is a whole another game or is it just an update to the current wow?
  8. Why do we need new jets or planes? The one we already got is pretty much useless and I’ve only seen it genuinely used for vdming drug tower
  9. Someone do this please
  10. Also add the ability to bet players
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