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  1. Can someone explain to my why parts on the exchange are listed for so high and upgrades cost millions when the returns for selling coins are hot dog shit garbage? Fucking dropped three upgrades and two consoles in my place and I made $168 in an hour. Spend a casual 5 mill or so. Like cool, cool, lemme just play upwards of 30,000 hours to start making a return on my investment. Am I an idiot (I fucking hope I am) just doing something wrong?
  2. It is up to the dev team can do whatever they desire with my RV. I'm just happy it is in the game lol.
  3. Here are some mild changes to our current Kavala square that could give it a breath of fresh air and make it feel more open. Different fence type and different street lights. Those street lights emit a white light versus the yellow that the current lights emit. Looks better IMO. Vehicle garage is relocated to the side of the square to open it up some on the North side. Road barriers have been pushed back to allow parking while shopping. A small gap was added between the new pipe fencing and the new stone wall to allow for better access for foot traffic. Got rid of the industrial shed and replaced with some nice shade for when you want to play some ball with the boys. Karaoke is now outside with its own stage(#BringBackAllStar).
  4. This is the third post about this I've seen. Nice job man.
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