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  1. DayZ for me n @Lorax
  2. Hello sir. May I interest you in a new front door? Old door removal will be free of cost

  3. How about you go out with your frie...... Oh wait.
  4. Sneeze material right there
  5. Wouldn’t put money on that
  6. @antho kavala rat to paramedic and support in 1 month. God tier
  7. Tarro

    New Moderators

    No its not, snowflake
  8. Tarro

    New Moderators

    @YuSheng my fellow clique gamer congratulations @HomeTrlx my favorite nazi Airpods big man
  9. Goodbye gamer and thank you for everything. The apd clique salutes you
  10. Ham>Turkey and I'm thankful for my fellow gamers @Lucien @Rodrigo @Ethan Darrell and the rest of the boys
  11. Make it so they dont pay out or clear bounty. Ez pz
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