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  1. Marked @ 500K https://gyazo.com/d25857b25b12690b60da56228bc889ee
  2. Yeah man thanks, looking for that old FSA feel, but you guys are definitely friends of mine.
  3. Hello, as the title says... I am looking for a gang. I am former FSA member from about 4-5 years ago, quit and been caught up in life. I am back and I intend to stay. A little about myself: Age: 28 Hours played Arma 3: 974 hours Previous Gang: As stated above, FSA I was a constable for APD & I intend joining back Looking to roleplay, takeover cartels, run drugs, rob shit, you know, gang shit, but at the same time I want to have fun, be respectful, and not be a part of any RDMing. Looking for a semi-serious/mature gang. I am a decent shot, a decent driver, can't land a heli for shit, middle class wealth I'd say, and pretty decent at roleplaying. Thanks
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