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  1. Thank you, I don't understand though does he run coke to? ill make friends with him it's ok
  2. What do you Love about Asylum? EVERYTHING!!!!!!!
  3. I love it ahahaha you owned his ass, finally owners that fight back and dont let the toxic player win!! you're a legend @infamous [FULL IDIOT] let's all just be nice , they are trying to make the server better, have some respect please. I love all the skins though ill pay for any of them
  4. Hey guys returning player here!! I used to play back in 2017 and loved it!!! recently installed arma and will be hanging around athira doing coke runs !! see you around i'm friendly all the time feel free to come up and say hi, even if im in a red zone!!
  5. I think that we should be able to kick players that troll.. Anyone else with me? I am so fed up with trolls in this game!!! they get away with it all I just can't stand it anymore. if we can't kick players then what's the point? everyone should have this right and if they abuse it they get banned
  6. ? how about we ban useless people starting with YOU
  7. you all have like 400 post content count and your judging me for having less? please...
  8. look at this idiot calling me out when he only joined 3 mins ago what an idiot lol
  9. Who? dude is an idiot lets be honest happy birthday I guess?
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