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  1. I thought you only fight on a hummingbird
  2. Cause you're a troll
  3. Accepted for Interview Will pm TS info
  4. Randy can you like a gyazo of your banked money please.
  5. Accepted for interview! PM for TS info
  6. Two questions: 1: How many hours have you played? 2: Explain what an "If" statement is...
  7. Any videos on Leroy spending money, I hear that is more rare.
  8. Bro, enjoy your week off man, screw the people who are screaming at you to get something done when you do it for free lol.
  9. The worst case scenario is you lose like 10-15k in a loadout, its not the end of the world, but even spawning out of the redzone would be somewhat more beneficial.
  10. I actually am some what aware of this, but when you click trial by jury in jail does it proc the Asylum wide PlayerWhatever Vs. Altis go to a courthouse, or is there another layer to it?
  11. Sorry for not adding a TL:DR, but this basically sums it up. I didnt add one for a reason, because I'd rather people read the whole argument instead of just reading two words and getting triggered.
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