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  1. Nope, sold to the bank. Has crates and barrel inside so if it's still available go buy it!
  2. CyanogenCX

    Debit Card

    Nah, he wasn't very clear about it. Easy to misunderstand.
  3. CyanogenCX

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    He was asking about the donation amount
  4. Sure you personally might not advise it, but I don't see whats wrong with it. You can easily jump down and escort him back up. Since he can't drown from his perspective it is almost the same as being on land. All it could be used for is some fun RP / timeout if someone is being super annoying. I don't see the problem.
  5. Just say you're waterboarding him, etc. People can't drown while in cop cuffs right? So I don't see why it should matter.
  6. CyanogenCX


    I think that might be deathslug's cousin
  7. A captain pulled me over for driving on the wrong side of the road, then I was like wait a second isn't this Australia? Shouldn't we drive on the left side of the road? Then he was like "hmm, good point, we will have to look into that and make a judgement. Maybe I'm wrong about driving on the right side." So I don't think there is any legal side you should drive on, but I say drive on the right side of the road since that is the side you drive on Altis.
  8. Try to get someone in chat to see the message you were kicked for. Otherwise, maybe try redownloading the mission file after you delete it?
  9. I don't do this, but wouldn't staring at the screen for 17 hours with just the plane in the sky get boring? Or do you set it on autopilot and do other things.
  10. All planes shouldn't have the same trunk space though. Otherwise what benefit is there to choosing different planes.
  11. New people only have 1k when they join so they can't buy guns right off the bat anyways. also removing gun store is not a good idea because you are implying only rdm era purchase guns just suck it up and play and report the people who rdm
  12. You need to change from an AMD processor to Intel. I get 50 fps with i5-2400 & GTX 750 Ti. So you need to buy a new motherboard and a new processor.
  13. Tow trucks exist on the modded server #6, but really you don't need a tow truck driver for the reasons Jack stated. It's just to mess around and have fun with.
  14. Make sure you are using the default arma launcher, not an external A3 launcher you installed.
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