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    Hello, I rarely play Asylum anymore but once you're a member, there is no turning back...

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  1. Any posts/reasons behind what happened to Olympus?
  2. The prison was the best part, you could play as a prison guard and get shanked for it
  3. I remember those days, that's when you were an LT and I was a cadet lol
  4. The release of V2 feels very reminiscent of when Patch 6.0 released a few years ago
  5. An O/U shotgun... this is gonna be interesting
  6. What's a Paratus... never heard of him
  7. Congratulations on the new job, life is full of opportunities to grow and thrive. Best of luck to you as well on your future escapades and endeavors.
  8. From my understanding, they only made 6 episodes and this Sunday is the final sixth episode
  9. They're trying to wrap the entire show up in 6 episodes, its really become a cliche of violence and death aimed at making the fans angry at Dany... but I'll still watch the final episode
  10. .... . .-.. .-.. ---
  11. It's federal funding, there is a never an option where you can get exactly what you want with no downsides...
  12. Well that was rude... at least your base (crater) now has a fancy water feature
  13. Emma


    Here ya go, I expect it back tomorrow morning
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