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    Hello, I rarely play Asylum anymore but once you're a member, there is no turning back...

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  1. Those were really good makeup effects and the acting was superb, but usually you have no idea that the bullet is coming and you just die.
  2. I'll miss my 9mm Sting with a suppressor... guess I'll upgrade to a pea shooter
  3. Pickup truck flies across Kavala, comes to a complete standstill... seconds later, it explodes... 10/10
  4. I wonder if its the prison is making sure that the inmates don't have weapons lol
  5. You guys should publish a mobile game under a different name in order to extort more money from your fanbase!
  6. I just like free... 76561198065916022
  7. This was around since 6.0, I remember everyone picked a side lol
  8. This brings back memories of spamming to join the servers back when the 5 servers were full
  9. Can I have some backstory as to why there is a tank?
  10. Some people spent bank on this, so at least you got a cool skin out of it
  11. Well when there are 1.35 billion unarmed people vs 3 million armed people with tanks, aircraft, and guns, the disparity isn't about the difference in population but the fact that any sort of uprising would result in entire villages, towns, and cities being turned into parking lots.
  12. @Rafael, didn't you step down from Corporal/Sargent and worked your way through the ranks again? But anyway, congrats!
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