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  1. soooo... this is why i just saw him buy 1 mil......
  2. i gave them the fair warning to stand down... they thought i was bluffing.
  3. plus, if it has a buff, it'll bring more traffic to the seaturtle sites which will make it more common for cops to try to stop them. :^)
  4. Sea turtles have never been the same since Tanoa, that much is undoubtedly true. The money isn't worth the time spent of swimming or driving around in that little illegal circle, waiting for turtles to spawn, and only finding a few. It also doesn't make much sense that turtles spawn OUTSIDE of the illegal area (in what I think are even larger packs) and you can't even harvest them! I think either the spawn rate of them needs to go up while inside the illegal zone, you need to be able to collect turtles OUTSIDE of the area (even if you need more tools, like a skinning knife), turtles need to weigh less, AND/OR the prices of the meat needs to be buffed a little, maybe an extra 500 or so. The money potential per hour comparing from heroin to turtles is hilarious. I've tested it on multiple occasions, and you typically only get about 30 turtles per hour, and that's on a good hour. With wongs, that only equals out to 60k. Shake. My. Head. Sometimes you can only get 20 turtles!
  5. you literally posted ur video description here as your first post. what.
  6. what filter do you use to look that good? i must know!
  7. told me his favorite anime was attack on titan

    1. Luke SwagWalker

      Luke SwagWalker

      its actually friends on Netflix but ok gamer

    2. Boon
  8. go stillers (even though i hate football)
  9. i saw the make-a-wish foundation clip and it was fucking hilarious
  10. thats how u know its authentic
  11. better hide your body pillows and manga collection or else @Luke SwagWalker @Boon will start a manhunt ps i know you can only hear out of your left ear, it was a major editting flaw
  12. @Mitch (IFRIT) new v2 arsenal looks pretty cool. i like the new aa gun you used.
  13. the passenger seat was enough for me. thanks mitch :} i would post it here but i dont feel like catching a ban today... unless you're fine with me posting it :}}}}} grr
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