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  1. go stillers (even though i hate football)
  2. i saw the make-a-wish foundation clip and it was fucking hilarious
  3. thats how u know its authentic
  4. haha how original hahahahaha
  5. better hide your body pillows and manga collection or else @Luke SwagWalker @Boon will start a manhunt ps i know you can only hear out of your left ear, it was a major editting flaw
  6. @Mitch (IFRIT) new v2 arsenal looks pretty cool. i like the new aa gun you used.
  7. the passenger seat was enough for me. thanks mitch :} i would post it here but i dont feel like catching a ban today... unless you're fine with me posting it :}}}}} grr
  8. 44 96 posts Location: Stellar Recruitment
  9. not going to lie clint this was a pretty funny meme. keep up the good work on v2, and just make sure bounty hunters get mxm. love u :}
  10. to be fair we spent the whole time shooting eachother at prison
  11. you seem to miss the fact that no one was at the prison. the one guy ddoing it i turned him in, the laptop just needed deactivated lol
  12. i dont know what to be more amazed about. all those cops going after an ifrit and taking that long, or not a single one going to the prison
  13. they dont call me ratlooter for nothing
  14. so last night i went to prison, and DH Dice was soloing it. so me being a nice bounty hunter, i downed him and sent him to jail, leaving not a single soul left doing the prison break. well, there was like 5 cops on, and despite NO ONE defending prison, the 10 minute timer passed and the jailbreak was successful lmao. does anyone else have any experience like this? i genuinely want to know why the cops didnt show up.
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