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  1. TS is not working very well
  2. you need to cut off your foreskin to join the gang.
  3. @Kille stop playing in game with my name.
  4. yesterday was my last day on asylum. after 4 years of playing and fun I decided to leave the game forever and for my last time on the servers I decided to RDM about 90 times in kavala and giveaway over 14mill to players. I just wanted to say thx to anyone who was a part of the game. I apologize to anyone who I killed\ robbed over the 4 years on servers. asylum would never be the same as it was in 2015-2016, but still, I wish the server best of luck and much thanks to our amazing [ and toxic ] owners @Clint Beastwood and @Jesse. my short list: not everyone over there. [ too lazy ] 1. @Mitch (IFRIT)- most toxic abuser admin over here. 2. @Kille - best friend ever. finish crrrriminal! 3. @uc.- most toxic Swedish guy ever. 4. @Calle.- autistic Swedish 5. @AxHa- you're just like calle but less autistic 6. @GO7NEY - thank you for leading brutality 7. @Bazzajack - Best LT ever 8. @DarkKnight - best captain ever 9. @Farmer Steve - kavala legend [ sorry that we had to fight each other ] 10. @Bag Of Funyuns - toxic kavala legend 11. @Rodrigo - best player in the game 12. @Alec - biggest free Syrian fighter 13. @Zaka - good fighter 14. @BaDaBiNg_10-8 - always fun breaking rules on you. 15. @Nino Brown - an admin from the hood 16. @william toxic british cunt! 17. @Miller93 best kavala rat officer ever! 18 @killer11 - promoted me to constable 19. @Clockwerk whitelisted me when I was underage 20. @Durga - blacklisted me and abused power on me more than anyone else. 21. @Samperino Best chief ever. 22. @YuSheng - the most loved Chinese. 23. @Sijanec @Lucien @Chow Mein @Scott @Innate @Tusken Raider @Marzoh - best discord bois! 24. @Sandwich - back to 2016 when I was trolling you in kavala. 25. @Flameless - funny LT 26. @Ludde - McGregor family! 27. @Batcan a real gamer 28. @Sean That Irish Guy very kind Irish 29. @Nate!!! the most funniest cop 30. @MagicSpoon @HomeUser @MoralityVII - fuck the queen! 31. @Cukofuko @Gaskal we had a lot of fun in kavala. 32. @Gen. Henry Arnold good dev 33. @Smee - best support member! 34. anyone else !
  5. I don't leave [ yet] . they recorded me when I was reading the msg of jesse on forums
  6. Screenshot_20190614-092306.png

    1. Calle.


      Ur not the sharpest tool in the shed ron...

  7. oops I posted that on my phone right after I woke up fixed it rn
  8. I discovered what happened to Olympus and now I'm ready to show you the truth. July 20 - Clint beastwood, jesse and mitch are planning the plan to wipe Olympus forever and make asylum great again. July 23 - clint beastwood is in Vegas to make money for their plan. August 1 - Clint beastwood leaves Vegas with thousands of dollars that he made in Vegas. August 2 - Jesse calls to some old friends from Olympus and starting a massive negotiation. September 1 - After a month Jesse makes a deal with a senior Olympus staff that he needs to wipe Olympus and its backups for thousands dollars. September 5 - A secret staff meeting in a privet Discord server with only a few Asylum Staff members and one senior Olympus staff. September 6 - Mitch joins Olympus forums and start posting over there in Ryan's topics [ the owner of Olympus] September 9 - Clint beastwood transfers the money to the senior oly staff. September 9, 1 hour after - the senior staff gives to jesse the Olympus data base to start the attack. September 10 - after hours of coding and shit jesse is ready to take down Olympus forever. September 10, 15 mins before the attack - Mitch Ifrit posts a hint about the big Attack. September 10, 11 hours ago - Jesse starts the attack and Olympus dies. September 10, 7 hours after the attack - Clint beastwood, Jesse and mitch celebrate the result. September 10, 9 hours after the attack - Mitch makes some toxic video. September 10, 11 hours after the attack - ron posts this and show asylum the truth. @Clint Beastwood @Mitch (IFRIT) @Jesse @Hadi Mokdad if I made any spelling mistake don't bully me pls.
  9. Hahahan your owners are shit. Hope to see you in kavala so we can have lot of fun.
  10. hope he would not rape anymore 6 years old girl next to her father
  11. Asylum is the most toxic community I've ever seen, so I would like to know who is the most toxic player over here.
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